“At every instance HU (the Absolute Essence of Existence) manifests Himself in yet another way!”[1]

Thus, they know that there is life in everything observable and unobservable. All is alive, all is full of life…

“There is nothing that does not exalt (tasbih) Him with hamd (evaluation of the corporeal worlds created with His Names, as He wills)! But you do not perceive their functions!”[2]

This Truth cannot be discerned by anyone other than those of comprehension! The Truth is covered by only two kinds of people. Those who are unaware of it, and hence cover it inadvertently, or those who conceal it consciously from those who wish to impugn and defame it.


Dear reader…

Hell is a state in which one’s consciousness and body suffers, while heaven is a state of bliss. There is no firewood or coal therein. In today’s terms, that which is referenced as hell is in fact the sun. Not in terms of its visible supra-atomic self, but in terms of its subatomic radial dimension. The earth will be pulled into the sun, which will expand until it reaches and engulfs Mars. This will cause the earth to evaporate! Those who cannot make it to the places of infinite pleasure, the sub-dimensions of the stars that are referenced as heavens, will be forever stuck and imprisoned in the sun. What is referenced in the Quran as ‘Samum’, which is the poisonous waves of radiation emitted by the sun, will continually torture the holographic wave-bodies of those who will be stuck therein, causing them great suffering. The jinn of satanic qualities will also be here, and they will play with the feeble humans.

Some of the residents of hell will be the personifications of the deeds of the people. If we try to explain what the metaphors pertaining to hell actually mean it will be baffling and inconceivable. The life of heaven and hell are both reminiscent of the dream state. Both these words are only metaphoric references, which need to be construed, and that is not possible to do so here, at least not to its full extent.

The hadith “Both the firewood and the coal (fuel) of hell is man” and “Allah created for His servants such things in paradise that no ear has heard, no eye has seen, and no mind can ever imagine…”[3] allude to this.

“And their Rabb will have given them pure wine (the euphoric state caused by exposure to the reality).”[4]

This also means that their Rabb will enable them the experience of real love! As honey symbolizes faith, milk symbolizes laduni knowledge (knowledge pertaining to the potential of the Names comprising one’s essence) while water is metaphoric of gnosis (marifatullah).


Dear reader, know that…

There is the interpretation of the Quran, and then there is its actual meaning… The interpretation of the Quran is the expansion of its extrinsic meaning as a result of years of arduous study. Its actual meaning, on the other hand, can only be known by the ‘intimates of the reality’ - those who have been bestowed with knowledge from Ind’Allah (the forces that are revealed through dimensional emergence to consciousness from the Names of Allah that comprise one’s essence). They know the meaning of every verse and hadith.

“And none can discern this except those who have reached the essence (the intimates of reality through whom Allah hears, sees and speaks; ulul albab).”[5]

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[3] Sahih Muslim

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