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There is not a single creation that has not been created as perfect! Those who claim otherwise only reveal their limited perception. All creations are perfect, because their beauty is in respect to their creational purpose. People label things good and bad according to what suits and benefits them. They then try to justify this by saying, “Allah created both the beautiful and the ugly, so people can take a lesson and be either grateful or patient.” This may be true, yet only based on this understanding and perception, not in the absolute sense.

The absolute Truth is that the Creator has created all things upon beauty and perfection. One needs only to take off their colored lens and observe the Truth with naked eyes. Only then can things be appreciated for what they truly are.

Our way is not the way of division, but the way of absolute oneness. There is no diversion on this path; one who wants to attain or comprehend the Truth cannot differentiate among creation.

The mature one is he who observes existence with the eyes of the Divine Truth (haqq) and refrains from observing differences among the created.

We have been commanded to not betray the things with which we have been entrusted, and to treat them in the best conduct, as they deserve to be treated. How then can one make division, and label and judge people and things? Our duty is to recognize and obey the divine commands, and to help others as best as possible with kindness and compassion.

If there is difference among them in the sight of the Creator, then surely the judgment is His. What is incumbent upon us is to know our place and not transgress.

The next step after transcending the differences among creation is to be an instrument for giving. “In every state and condition, try to be a giver!” And never expect or even consider a return. In fact, do not even assume a return from the Creator. Simply try to be an instrument for the good at every instance in your life, unrequitedly.

Do not afflict or be a cause for harm upon others. Always consider their purpose of existence. Aspire to be a cause for good and benefit. And try to reach such an elevated state that you prefer something that is seemingly as insignificant as an insect or leaf to yourself.

Reach such a level of renunciation and sacrifice that you become able to share your slice of bread with one who is full but who desires it, even if you have been hungry for days. And not just your worldly possessions, but give also the gains and benefits of all your worship to the needy without taking any share in it. This is the way to dissociate yourself, or your identity, from your doings.

Work consistently. But let not this striving be for yourself, but to help creation, the trust of the Creator, so that good may reach them.

While most people choose their friends based on vested interests, choose a friend who is omnipotent, not in need of the help of anything that is created. But who is not in need of anything that is created other than the Creator? Indeed, make Him your point of turning. Present your needs to Him.

Think, think and think again, even if you can’t reach the reality of your thoughts, at least join the rank of those who think.

If you are unable to discern the wisdom behind what transpires, at least refrain from objecting and wait until things come to an eventuality, lest you show an impulsive and imprudent reaction. Neither commit an offence, nor put yourself in a position where you have to ask for forgiveness.

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