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The Reality Denoted By The Name 'HU'

The Arabic word HU signifies dimensional independence, beyond all concepts of quantity and quality.

HU denotes the Oneness of Essence beneath the veil of multiplicity. The name HU references the AHAD quality at the point.

HU is the dimension of Oneness at the essence of the part.

It is this dimension of Oneness that forms the existence of individuals. It is the source of all existence!

The life contained in your fingertips is due to the blood and energy flowing from the veins of your arm. Thus, the movement and activity of your fingers is driven by the initiating signals from your arm.

Similarly, HU can be equated to He or the Essence of the One.

All that we can see through our physical eyes is included within the scope of the name Az-Zahir (The explicit, unequivocal and perceivable manifestation). The name Al-Batin (The unperceivable reality within the perceivable manifestation) on the other hand, references all those things that cannot be perceived via the eyes and ears or the other senses.

The totality of all this is the One, that is, all of this seeming multiplicity (which seems that way only because of the five sense perception) denote the One existence – HU!

Let’s have a think…

Let’s try to identify and recognize the essence of what we call I.

Let’s turn to the essence of matter and zoom in to the levels of a molecule, an atom, a neutron, quark, quanta, and finally force ourselves to perceive things as waves of particles…

This zooming through dimensions is in fact the act of Ascension (miraj)!

The infinite cosmos in our perception is like an angle projected from a single point at a single instance. To restate, this infinitely vast existence we refer to as the cosmos or the universes within universes comprises only a single angle from a single point, of one instance among infinite others in the sight of HU!

The one referred to as the Perfect Man, or the Reality of Muhammad is also created from this single point. The point symbolizes the origin.

HU is the creator of infinite points and the point of abstraction within each point.

HU imagines into existence from the point, that is, from incorporeality.

Yet, HU is beyond and independant of all of this!

Such is the reality denoted by HU, intended for the realization of Muslims!

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