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Translator’s Preface

Contrary to conventional perception and striking to established views, Muhammad (saw) declared “There is no God.”

In fact, his primary message negated and nullified the concept of Godhood altogether. 

Many might find this a contentious statement, and conceivably discomforting to their conditioned beliefs, but that does not change the truth that Muhammad (saw) never proclaimed the existence of a God. 

To be precise, his words were: “There is no God. There is only Allah.”

This statement, known in Islam as the Word of Unity, is commonly assumed to mean “there is/are no other God/s, there is only one God, and that God is Allah”… The simple truth is, nowhere in Muhammad’s (saw) teachings is there any suggestion that Allah is a God.

In this book, Ahmed Hulusi presents a contrasting outlook to what has been unquestionably accepted for centuries as the Creed of Islam, urging us to question it:

If there is no God, then what is Allah? 

If Allah is not a God, then to what did Muhammad (saw) refer by the name ‘Allah’?

If the Allah we have so ardently and devotedly embraced is not the Allah that Muhammad (saw) was referring to, then who or what is Muhammad’s Allah…?


          Aliya Atalay

Raleigh, NC - USA 


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