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Allah Does Not Beget

What does this mean?

Could it be alluding to the act of begetting, as commonly known?

The word beget means to give birth to; to originate another form of existence that is like you from yourself. Anything that has the capacity to beget produces another being like itself, from itself and carrying the same qualities as itself.

But Allah does not beget!

That is, Allah has not created another being from Himself! Or, no other being has originated into existence from the existence of Allah, as Allah is the indivisible ONE, the AHAD.

1. Allah is limitless and infinite, therefore it is not possible for ‘another’ thing to come into existence within or outside of Allah.

2. Allah is AHAD, and hence indivisible, which nullifies the possibility of another to originate from Him.

Therefore, it is not possible for another form of existence to have originated from Allah, even if it is with Allah’s qualities.

Allah is not begotten and does not beget!

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