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The Point Is The Reality; The Projection Is The Illusion!

All things that rotate most certainly rotate about a center. That is, at the center of everything that rotates lies an invisible point!

Everything within the micro and macro planes of existence is engaged in an active motion of rotation.

This is what the word Subhanallah signifies!

When one looks at a circle from outside one sees the circle and its center. In other words, one circle is observed as two things: the circumference and the center. Whereas, it is neither the circle nor the center that matters, but the cone!

In reality, the circle is a projection originating from the point. The point is the actual; the projected circle is only an illusion. That is, the projection is formed from the point, with the knowledge of the point, inside the knowledge of the point.

One who looks at the circle from outside will always see the circle and its center; one who looks from outside will always see duality.

One who loses his identity will observe the projection from the point with the one who observes from the point. He will be at the point of unity observing his own imagination. The concept of duality will lose all validity!

The idea of a circle and its center is actually an optical illusion. This is the illusion of those whose consciousness is enslaved by their organs!

The one who perceives as pure consciousness will observe the projection as pure consciousness as well. In the sight of the organ there is a line, in the sight of consciousness there are only points that comprise a line…

The point!

The projection…

Circles formed by lines comprised of points…

Points in rotation…

Points assumed to be in rotation…

Fa Subhan Allah!

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