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Thinking Outside The Box

According to us, or the five-sensed individuals, we live in a physical universe among countless other micro and macro universes within existence. This judgment, however, is formed as a result of the limited data perceived by our senses.


If our planet was placed under a microscope with a 60 billion fold magnification capacity and we were able to observe our planet under this lens, what will we see?

With a 1000x lens we can see not just every individual but the atomic structure of every individual unit on the planet… So imagine what happens when this magnification level reaches 60 billion! All objects that are perceived by our eyes, be it people, buildings or furniture, will completely disappear, and hence the visual interpretation of our brain will change completely.

Perhaps we will exclaim: ‘Oh!? Nothing actually exists here! Look at this place; we can’t see anything here except atoms and electrons, where has everything disappeared to?’

This would be the exclamation coming from the very brain that projected tangible people and furniture just before viewing things through the microscope! Indeed, the brain would be the same brain, but the plane and means of perception would have been dramatically increased in capacity.

Thus, the brain always interprets various data based on its existing means of perception first, thereby making judgments, for example, that people exist, but then, when its tools of perception increase, it changes this judgment to ‘nothing exists here other than atoms and the electrons that are rotating around them’!

But, what if we were born into and had to live and die at this level of magnification? Would we still have believed in the existence of the physical things we believe exist today? Or, would we have believed the entire existence, including our world and the infinite space, to comprise a single unit of existence, composed of atoms?

If, for example, our brain received data, not from a 60 billion x lens but from an electron microscope with a 10 trillion x magnification lens, would we still have claimed the existence of individual units of objects and people? Or would we have perceived existence as a unitary, whole, indivisible ONE?

If I have been able to illustrate my point, then please allow me to stress the following:

In reality, existence is infinite, illimitable, unitary, indivisible, whole, ONE! This is AHAD! It has no partner or similitude, and nothing within the micro or macro realms of existence is outside of or other than it. It is ALLAH, the AHAD!

However, due to our present tools of perception, we seem to perceive this ONE as composed of multiple parts. This is because our brain draws its judgments based on extremely limited data received by the five senses. So if we, in effect, take these as mere samples – rather than absolute – from the infinite forms of existence in the universe, and try to contemplate on the vastness of existence based on these samples… If we can then embark on a dimensional journey into the depths of the structure of existence and encounter therein the universal essence… and then if we can observe the dissolution of our selves in that Self

This is the first crucial point to be considered…

As for the second crucial point…

Since the Allah revealed by Muhammad (saw) is AHAD, the infinite, limitless, indivisible ONE, and since this applies to every direction and dimension encompassed by all existence, at what point or place can a second form of existence be present? At which point can we draw a line to Allah the Ahad, and say up to here it Allah, after here it is I, or it or god?

Where can this external god that is other than the AHAD ALLAH be?

Inside or outside of Allah?!

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