The word Allah is a name!

A name is a word that points and Allah is not a name that points to a god.

Indeed, this name is not used in reference to the concept of god at all!

This name is used to direct our attention somewhere; we are asked to contemplate on what the name Allah points to, so that we may decipher the truth…

Now, if you had read a few of my books, or had seen my photo somewhere, and somebody asked you ‘Do you know Hulusi?’, how realistic would your answer be if you say ‘Yes, I know him’? How much can a photo and a few books, which depict some of my thoughts at some interval of my life, reveal about my personality? People spend a lifetime together and still don’t know each other! All you can really know about Hulusi, based on these, is his physical looks and that he is a Sufi.

How much can an artwork depict its artist? All that can be captured in an artwork is the thoughts and imagination of the artist at the time of making the artwork. Nothing more.

And how about the personality of the artist? Unknown!

So if the name Hulusi is only a reference word pointing to the author of these books, and if it is not possible to know who Hulusi is based on his name, then similarly, it is also impossible to know the existence denoted by the name Allah, based on His name alone.

So if the word Allah is only a name that is used to channel our understanding to a particular reality, what is this reality of which we need to be aware?

If we remember that the word of unity, La ilaha illallah, denounces all concepts of god and claims it is only Allah that exists, then it follows that:

All perceivable and unperceivable things by mankind, that is, all relative and absolute planes of existence, are a projection of a single instance in the sight of Allah! It is only one instance, according to HU, among infinite others!

Everything that we perceive, not perceive, recognize, fail to recognize, design or imagine, are all contained within this single instance of projection of the One denoted by the name Allah.

This instance is a point in the sight of HU.

This point, according to us, is the source point of manifestation.

Humanity, the jinn, the angels, and all of the universes within universes of perception, have all been manifested from this single point.

Ponder on a single point amid infinity!

Created as the point, the universal existence is the First Intellect (Aql-i Awwal) in terms of its knowledge; it is the Grand Spirit (Ruh-ul Azam) in terms of its life, the Reality of Muhammad (Haqiqat-i Muhammadiyyah) by respect of its essence, and the Perfect Man (Al-Insan Al-Kamil)in terms of its personification. This is the existence denoted by the name HU!


This personified existence is only a form of knowledge within the knowledge of Allah, who obtains his existence from the names of HU. Hence, his existence cannot be independent of the point.

All perceivable attributes and names, and the observable acts within the absolute universe that have been created from the point, are all due to HU manifesting Himself every moment in yet another wondrous way!

The consciousness of the point pertaining to the Perfect Man, who comprises only a single point or instance among infinite others in the sight of Allah, is beyond the knowledge of the one who has acquired the level of consciousness referred to as the Pleasing Self (Nafs-i Mardhiya) and is unlike the engendered existence.

The terms infinite and limitless only hold validity in respect of manifesting the names and attributes of HU through the Perfect Man; outside of the point they are obsolete.

Man, who obtained his existence within the point, has no existence at the point (dahr)!

Now, in light of all of this, let us reconsider the place of the word Allah, a reference word that points beyond the point to signify the infinite points in the sight of that which is BEYOND, in popular everyday language!..

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