A Way Of Life

The system in which we are living dictates the reality that ‘there is no God who administers everything from the heavens; there is no deity-God!’

No star or planet or galaxy or constellation of stars (a star sign) can be God – to even ponder such a things is a huge misconception!

We are here, in this dimension, to fulfill our servitude, by executing the meanings of the names of Allah, which manifest through us.

The system in which we live comprises the Solar System, the Earth inside the Solar System, and humans who live on the Earth…

Allah has created and adorned these humans with His own attributes and designed the brain to be the place of manifestation for His qualities.

One who assumes only a bodily existence and resumes his life with this conditioning, will have to pay the consequence of this lifestyle with infinite agony and suffering.

One who trusts the locus of the knowledge of Allah, who informs him of his higher values, and who strives to discover and manifest these inner qualities, will unite with divine attributes and qualities, and attain a state of existence in which infinite beauty is experienced.

On one hand, we have an indefinite state of suffering, resulting from a lifestyle based on the mistaken assumption that man is comprised of flesh and bones (mind-body). On the other hand, we have an infinite state of serenity and pleasure resulting from manifesting the divine qualities and attributes within.

This is why Muhammad (saw) says:

“You have been created as Allah’s vicegerent on earth. You have been endowed with the meanings of all of Allah’s Names. Just because you are now in this material dimension of existence, do not assume that you are composed of only this physical body that will deteriorate one day. Do not ‘oppress yourself’ by thinking this way! Do not squander your potential! Do not waste your infinite supreme qualities for the mortal world and worldly things that you will have to leave behind one day…”

Let us look at how the following verses are warning us:

“Know well that the life of this world is but an amusement and diversion, and adornment and boasting to one another, and competition in increase of wealth and children...” (Quran 57:20)

“And no friend will be in the state to call another! When they are shown to each other... To save themselves from the punishment of that period, the guilty one will want to offer his children (to the Fire) in his stead as ransom... And his wife and his brother and his nearest kin who shelter him; and everything on earth so that it could save him. Never! Indeed, it is the Laza (smokeless flame).” (Quran 70:10-15)

“People are asleep, with death they will awaken!”

Indeed, the life of this world is going to seem like only a dream in the next abode. So let us die before dying so that we can awaken from this world-dream while still here! Let us see the reality and shape our lives according to these realities!

Let us not waste our energy over things that are not going to have any value in the next dimension, things that we are going to leave behind. Let us not feel remorse for squandering things that we will not be able to recompense. Confining our existence to this body and resuming a life driven by bodily desires will result in nothing but loss and disappointment… When we make the transition to the next dimension, we will say ‘if only we could go back and do the things we didn’t do’ but this will never be possible!

In relation to this, the Quran says:

“It is then that Hell will be brought (to enclose the earth)! And man at that time will remember and think, but what benefit to him will the remembrance be (when he no longer has a body – brain with which he can develop his spirit)? He will say ‘I wish I had done beneficial things (raised my consciousness level to observe the Names).’” (Quran 89:23-24)

“Indeed, we have warned you of a close suffering (caused by the realization of the Truth through the experience of death)! On that day, man will observe what his hands have put forth, and those who denied the knowledge of the reality will say ‘Oh, how I wish I was made of dust!’” (Quran 78:40)

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