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The Universe Vs Your Cocoon

On a planet called Earth, among hundreds of billions of stars, in a galaxy amid billions, ‘your world’ was created!

Do you live in the world or in your world?

How much of your life is spent in the world and how much of it in your world?

From the moment you’re born until the point you die, you’re inside a cocoon you call the ‘world’… A world created with your five senses, conditionings, value judgments and the emotions formed by them!

Are you aware of the difference between the world and your world?

Are you ready to step out of your cocoon and see the real world?

Are you sure you want to leave the comfort of your delusive world in which you don’t need to question or research anything, where you’re happy with your loved ones and possessions, and an imaginary god who bestows favors upon you?

A cocoon is woven with one’s genetic data and conditionings, a prison in which one’s connection to the universal truths is ceased!

An abode of denial, where the Rasuls and the system of Allah are unknown and the universal truths are ignored and denied! As if the teachings have never come, as if the people have never been warned of ‘the day in which every soul will abandon their loved ones with the panic of trying to save themselves’… Neither the infiniteness of the universal dimensions is known, nor the fact there is no room for ‘feeling sorry’ in this system! People live only for money, power and sexuality! And they try to discern the afterlife by comparing it to this dream… Our dreams are no other than the reflections of our thoughts during the day. We dream the life of our cocoon and we believe it to be to true, thinking the afterlife is similar…

How do you feel when you see others in poverty and suffering? How do you continue your life after seeing this? And how about when others see you are suffering, how do they continue living obliviously? How is it that so many people with such incredible qualifications end up in need of others who are much less qualified?

Believe me, my friend, the afterlife is nothing like you imagine it to be! Hence, the truths have not been openly revealed. Hence, symbols and metaphors have been employed! Trust me, the truth, outside your cocoon world, is beyond your imagination!

If by “All of the fires of earth are but one in a thousand compared to the fires of hell” you conceive literal flames of fire rather than the conditions and events that cause one to suffer, then you’re missing the point, my friend…

I wonder if I’m encouraging you to contemplate… What type of conditions and events can cause one to suffer a thousand times more than all of the fires of earth? Think about it… What causes you to burn? Why?

If you can’t escape this fire by abandoning your world, if you can’t become a butterfly and fly out of your cocoon, then expect to be thrown into the fire! Just like caterpillars that are thrown into boiling waters with their cocoons!

Surely I’m not telling you to abandon the world altogether, all I’m saying is, at least spare a few moments of your day for genuine contemplation and try to understand the realities referenced by the religious symbols and metaphors.

Don’t take my words for granted, go and do your own research; think, contemplate, come out of your cocoon and fulfill the due of being human! Realize that the universe isn’t orbiting around the world; you’re not the only species alive in this universe!

You’re journeying to a place where all of the people who have come to and gone from earth do not even form a tiny colony! And if you’ve not acquired the right equipment for this place, then you’re in trouble, my friend. Serious trouble. I’m not telling you this to frighten you, but to encourage you to think and take precautions. I’m not telling you anything different to what others have said in the past. I’m only sharing my understanding using the language of today.

If you’re burning and suffering now in this world, for this reason or the other, know that your suffering is going to be amplified on the other side. Neither your money nor any of your possessions can save you.

Come, my friend, leave your cocoon and realize the universal truths.

Cleanse yourself of the conditioning and values that cause you to burn and suffer.

These are like gas instilled within your cells ready to be scorched alight with the strike of a match. If you can’t cleanse yourself from this gas in this world, you will burn again and again indefinitely…

Come to your senses and recognize your vicegerency lest you create your own hell. For this is the unchanging, immutable system and order of Allah.




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