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Do We Believe In Allah?

“The Bedouins (those who lived based on their conditioning, in ignorance as tribes and clans) said, ‘We have believed’... Say, ‘You did not believe!’ Say ‘We have submitted (become Muslims)’! For faith is not yet clarified and established in your consciousness! If you obey Allah and His Rasul, (Allah) will not detract anything from your work... Indeed, Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

“The believers are those who have believed in Allah, who has created their being with His Names, and His Rasul, and did not fall into doubt thereof and fought in the way of Allah with their wealth and their very beings (lives)! They are the truthful ones (who confirm the reality with their very lives)!”[1]

“O believers... Why do you say what you do not do!

Saying things that you do not practice yourself incurs great hatred in the sight of Allah!”[2]

“Neither your relatives nor your children will ever be of benefit to you! During Doomsday they will cause division! Allah is Basir of what you do.”[3]

“Did you see those who befriended people who incurred the wrath of Allah? They are neither of you nor of them; and yet, knowing this, they swear upon a lie.”[4]

“Neither their wealth nor their children will avail them against what is to come to them from Allah! They are the people of Hell. And forever they will abide therein.

“A time will come and Allah will resurrect them all, and they will swear to Allah like they swore to you, thinking they have some basis. Take heed, they are the very liars!”[5]


Let us contemplate the above verses…

The first verse makes it evident that to simply claim “I believe” because you have knowledge of faith and apply the requisites of being a Muslim does not necessarily mean you’re a believer. In fact, such a person may be faithless altogether, for actions may well be done despite doubt or denial. That is, one may display actions contrary to one’s true feelings and beliefs in order to acquiesce with the environment, out of courtesy or simply because of vested interests. One may choose to be two-faced and hypocritical rather than expressing true feelings!

Rumi says, “Either appear as you are or be what you appear as”…

Easier said than done – the consequences of aspiring to this principle could be overwhelming.

Only a rare few who truly believe in Allah will take such risks – those who have nothing to lose! For such people live only for Allah, expecting nothing from anyone. Such people have already lost everything others will also inevitably lose in the future.

They only come together and chat with others for the sake of Allah! While those who can’t bear this choose to stay away from them, resorting to their assumed Rabbs, who will abandon them during Doomsday. This state of being abandoned by Allah, defined as the ‘wrath of Allah’, will be their suffering. This is why it’s important to not preach what you don’t practice. If you claim to be a believer, then you must live its consequence!

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