It’s quite impossible for a humanoid to duly understand and live the requisites of being ‘human’.

Humanoids spend their lives either acting out of their instincts or by imitating humans. They can’t understand the inner works of a human. They simply think humans are like themselves, and thus evaluate them based on this awry comparison.

A humanoid’s life is based on their ‘identity’ and ‘body’. Their sole purpose is to live better, eat better, mate more and own more. Thus, they see all things that serve this purpose as licit. The only thing that can limit a humanoid is ‘fear’! Without fear, they have no limits. Their main characteristic is imitation.

They don’t have the capacity to contemplate and comprehend the One denoted by the name Allah. Thus, their lives are centered on their body. Eating and mating are their biggest pastimes. A humanoid male thinks he owns his woman. And a humanoid woman is possessive over her man. The concept of making love, uniting as one and sharing a life does not exist for them. Such men carry their woman around like an ornament and use them as tools in the kitchen, in their beds and sometimes in their offices. Such women live just to survive or to simply secure themselves financially and materially.

It’s all about owning, mating, multiplying and having power over one another by using their bodily qualities and/or their ranks and positions. Life is a trade for them: buying and selling houses, cars, women, etc. A humanoid man owns a woman and spends his life between the kitchen and bedroom, and a humanoid woman prides herself in having a man that chases her between the kitchen and bedroom. Such helpless and desperate women usually tell their men, “Even if you get tired of me and have affairs with other women, don’t leave me, come back to me, go quench your desires with others, but come back to me at the end!”

This is the expression of a serious failure of femininity and the summit of impotence. This is the beseeching of a servant to her master. This is the announcement of a total loss of self-esteem and honor.

When humanoids like someone, they do whatever necessary to own them. But they have no quality in their brain and soul to share with their ‘man’ or ‘woman’.

Humans, on the other hand, have partners, their ‘equals’ in heart and soul, their travel mates in life with whom they become one.

Humans love.

Contrary to humanoids, humans share what they own with others. For humanoids, the only thing of significance and concern is ‘owning’ and ‘price tags.’

Humanoids, who also carry human bodies, think being a human is being like a lion when it comes to ruling, a hyena when it comes to taking, an ant when it comes to collecting, a fox when it comes to cheating, a monkey when it comes to imitating and a bear when it comes to living.

Humanoids exercise and maintain their power and ownership over others through force. Humans, on the other hand, travel together for as long as they can share with one another; once they no longer have anything to share, they simply go their own ways.

Humanoids have a tribal mentality, they force, bully, impose and manipulate. They are despotic and compulsive despite how modern and human they may appear!

Humans, on the other hand, are civilized. They don’t use force and they are not compulsive. They make offers and respect others’ choices.

Since imitation is the main element for a humanoid life, even when they become involved in religion and spiritual topics, they do so out of imitation. Though they may be intelligent, their lack of intellectual capacity renders them unable to make intellectual decisions to find the truth. So, they simply look at how such and such eminent person lived in the past and copy them.

People of imitation can’t understand and evaluate the people of authenticity. Thinking others should be like themselves, they conceive anyone who acts contrary to their way as deviant. 

Fear of god for imitators is all about hellfire and suffering, while paradise is a mating environment full of concubines (houri/ghilman).

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