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Where Is ‘Inner’ Space?

We talk a lot about inner and outer experiences. But where exactly is this inner space?

At which point of outer space does inner space begin?

Or, after what point of inner space does it start to become outer space?

Where is the border between ‘inner’ and ‘outer’?

It’s a big mistake to think of these spaces as locations. There is no difference between inner and outer spaces; they are not in different dimensions. Inner is merely the part we can’t perceive even though we see it. That is, even though something is within the range of our visible sight, sometimes we don’t perceive certain aspects of it. This unperceived side is what we refer to when we say ‘inner’.

But how can this be? How can one see something yet not perceive it?

When one’s database isn’t sufficient to decode and evaluate the incoming data!

So, in other words, when we say inner we are actually referring to all the data we are unable to perceive through our five senses.

Data reaches the brain through four ways:

1. The five senses

2. The jinn – This includes all conscious beings within the scope of the word jinn (i.e. all invisible beings), including those on this planet and others.

3. Astrological effects

4. The essence of space or universal consciousness.


The last two can be referenced to as ‘inner,’ while jinn can be grouped into two types:

1. The type I talk about in my book Spirit Man Jinn

2. Higher conscious beings residing within the solar system or other stars within the galaxy. Only those who experience self-discovery and unveiling can communicate with this type, though many who communicate with jinn mistakenly think they’ve achieved contact with the latter.

Let’s now talk about the essence of space: universal consciousness.

This is the space of absolute unity! Absolute consciousness! The Grand Spirit! This is where we realize that space – infinite universes within one another – is the extension of our body.

This is the ‘point’ from which Allah has created all things.

Its end is relative. It has no end.

In respect of its intellect, it is known as the Reality of Muhammad.

In respect of its spirit, it’s called the Grand Spirit.

The Names comprise its spirit.

This is where the one who experiences ‘ascension’ actually ascends.

This is the purpose of salat!

This is the space of oneness and unity…

Those who reach this space and find their essential selves are referred to as the Rafiq-i A’la (the Highest Company).

The Raised Platform (Maqam al-Mahmud) becomes manifest with it!

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