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To Know Or Not To Know

It seems some still have trouble understanding that Islam is the name of the universal system comprising all forms and states of life in every dimension, functioning as part of a magnificent mechanism.

Those who realize this reality are the authentic ones. They are the ones who can evaluate the system. They are also those who have been deified in the past, or who are labeled as saint and friend of Allah today. Such eminent ones have known, found and become the reality within their own essence. Then they continued their lives on earth as humans until the end of their designated time.

The creator is Allah!

All of creation is in service to Allah.

Unbelievers squander their lives by disputing with the servants of Allah!

The warning of the Rasul (saw), “When two Muslims draw swords against each other, both the killer and the killed will go to hell,” does not refer to a literal sword! Words and actions can sometimes be sharper than a sword, leading one to unimaginable suffering!

When even cats and dogs have owners, is it possible for a servant of Allah to not have an owner or a creator? But those who have not authenticated their faith cannot see this. For they are like computers, loaded with stories of Sufism and spirituality, and the ignorant are captivated by this information and believe them to be saints…

Some end up in hell because of their desire for fame or vengeance… And some stay clear from such inferior tendencies and end up in heaven…

One’s tongue can lead one to hell or to heaven…

The people of the heart see the countenance of Allah wherever they look and speak only in this light, and thus go to heaven when they change dimensions…

But those who are too weak to strive with their own ego tend to be at strife with other egos in an attempt to satisfy themselves!

Others, who cleanse themselves by taming their egos, submit to Allah to the extent they are purified and spend their lives in strife based on the extent of their veil.

Man, on the other hand, reads the system and shares this knowledge.

Instead of spending his time in discord and rivalry, man strives to master and defeat his own egoistic tendencies.

Man knows the entire creation is created to fulfill a purpose, and the world is the plane by which the deeds of all people – the imitator and the person of authentication; the believer and the unbeliever; the intelligent and the unintelligent – will eventuate.

The unfortunate are those who, despite realizing the reality of the Rasul of Allah (saw), fail to gain insight from his teachings and choose to bicker and struggle with others rather than striving to tame their egos, most probably dying as unbelievers.

Consider the companions of the Rasul (saw) after he died and how they fell into conflict with one another…

We must understand the following hadith really well:

“Some of you will want to come next to me when I stand by the Pool of Kawthar, but the angels will prevent you. When I ask, ‘They were my companions, where are you taking them?’ They will reply, ‘They did not follow your way; their place is hell.’”

After spending so many years in service to the Rasul of Allah (saw), if one fails to have tamed his ego and falls into the pit of dispute and strife, their place will not only be hell in the afterlife, but also in this world! This is inevitable. They will become so engulfed by the ambition to defeat one another they will place an inexhaustible abyss between themselves and Allah!

Mankind comes to this world alone, lives a large part of his life alone and will live completely alone in the life of the grave.

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