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Were You Not Warned?

Oftentimes the truth can be disappointing… Sometimes one’s parents, partner or best friend can cause the biggest disappointment. Nevertheless, it is only for an appointed time. Eventually, everything passes, life comes to an end and each goes their own way… You won’t have to put up with anyone who doesn’t share your system of thought or perspective in the eternal life. The togetherness here is only a physical one, whether they are your parents, children, partner or friend. And the self-interest, lying and deceit spawned from the idea of being the body are all bound to end in the hereafter. The hypocrisy and deceit based on material and bodily gain and pleasure will come to an inevitable end when one makes the transition to the next dimension of existence.

Neither one’s possessions nor friends and relatives will be of any aid on that day.

Let’s be clear about something… There are no gurus and masters here; we’re not in the business of ego-training! We’re sharing information, and it’s up to each individual to take this information and use it for their advantage.

Having a master requires serious devotion and submission. Like Yunus Emre and his master Taktuk. Yunus’ training took forty years! The ways of sainthood will not open without dedicating all of your time to a master and letting him train you, becoming imbued with the morals of Muhammad (saw) and making the act of giving your highest priority!

Acquiring Sufi knowledge does not render one a saint!

The same tool can both make or break a man.

One may use the internet to acquire Sufi knowledge and attain the secrets of the Quran; one may also use the internet to find a date!

Do not be deceived!

Recognize and discern the truth as though you’ve changed dimensions before you actually change dimensions, lest you become unimaginably disappointed. For on that day, nothing can console you, neither your acquisitions nor the people who stood by your side thinking you’re a saint. Understand this well.

The knowledge in regards to Oneness, despite being the absolute truth, can actually be the means of constructing and strengthening the ego, for those who’ve not been trained. Those who have not been through the necessary training cannot duly comprehend the reality of Allah and the mechanics of the system, so with the knowledge of Oneness – and thus the realization of the invalidity of the concept of deity-god – they become very susceptible to using this knowledge in favor of their ego.

But one who lives solely for the sake of Allah cannot think about their bodily or material gain.

Nevertheless, an imitator cannot understand this.

Only a human is created for Allah.

A human has intellect; he lives for Allah.

An imitator is intelligent; he lives in pursuit of bodily and material gain and pleasures.

An intelligent imitator cannot evaluate the intellectual human; he surmises others to be like himself.

An unintellectual intelligent has a thinking capacity that is short-spanned and does whatever is necessary to gain worldly benefits and recognition.

An intellectual knows his immortality and lives only for Allah.

What the former plans to achieve is merely a tool for the latter, perhaps not even that.

Those who think judiciously about their selves should, for the sake of Allah, take a look in the mirror of the Rasul (saw). Not to see a beard and moustache, but to see his ‘purpose’! How much do they share in common with the Rasul of Allah (saw)? What did he live for? What are they living for? How aligned can one’s life be to that of the Rasul (saw), if one runs to fun and pleasure or sexual amusement at every opportunity?

One’s androgen secretion flares up and prowls, the other has an estrogen rush and scours, another goes through andropause and treats himself to a supply of Viagra– yet all along talking of Sufism and spirituality solely to ease their conscience!

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