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Limited Comprehension

One day Jesus was rushing away from someone. They asked him, “O Jesus, who are you fleeing from?” He yelled out as he continued, “A fool is chasing me!”

Do not criticize a fool; he’ll only attack! Whatever you tell him, he’ll project it back onto you instead of trying to see his faults and mistakes…

The Rasul of Allah (saw) has never been more troubled as he was by fools!

A fool is one who fails to understand what is explained to him and who merely repeats what he has memorized.

Hell for a scholar or gnostic is to be stuck among fools.

The biggest mistake in religion begins with the concept of religious titles and figures. There is no category such as ‘men of religion’ only ‘those who can duly evaluate religion’, whose lives and afterlives are eased to the extent of their evaluation.

On the other hand, those who can’t duly evaluate religion, i.e. the system in which they are living, are subject to suffering or burning (i.e. hell)…

Hell on earth is relatively easier than that of the afterlife, for one experience overshadows another experience making it lighter and easier to handle. In the afterlife, however, this is not possible, the suffering continues indefinitely and does not ease!

Another largely misunderstood concept is that of ‘saints’. Most people think those who have devoted themselves to religion, abandoning the pleasures of the world, are highly elevated saints!

Pure absurdity!

Such are the saints of their imagined gods!

In truth, there is the system=religion of Allah’s Rasul and those who live by it, to some extent or another, depending on their natural dispositions.

But this doesn’t mean such people only engage in matters of religion and nothing else. It is foolishness to categorize such people as men of religion or saints and assume them to be outside of daily life.

All areas of life are of concern to those with highly developed cognitive skills. But the primitive person presumes others to be like himself, judging others with his limited brain capacity, unaware of the limitless potential available to others.

The research capacity the brain has in one area is the same capacity it has for all areas.

Our brain cells are capable of performing all functions outside their own function, yet we don’t even understand the implications of this…

So, looking at things in this light, if we want to free ourselves from false concepts like religious ranks and titles, saints and gods, we must first READ the universal system and order, the Mother of Books and then the Holy Book, the system manual.

If one attempts to discern the Quran without understanding the system and order, he will fail to recognize the true meaning behind the symbols and metaphors employed in it.

Almost all assumed ‘saints’ (Wali) are actually cases of the self-accusing self (nafs-i lawwama) and the inspired self (nafs-i mulhima).

Such people have not yet breathed the oxygen of reality, they are on their way to the One with their countenance turned towards Him, engaged in the metaphoric aspect of things. Through introspective observation, they advance towards the essence of existence.

Those who have reached the actual essence have surpassed the symbols and metaphors, they observe the reality on the whole of creation, giving their due right based on their manifest qualities. They have cleansed themselves from all false concepts related to deities, postmen-prophets and saints. They live in the world playing whatever role required by their worldly position, and are thus in most cases, veiled from others, in terms of their reality. 

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