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No Room For Excuse

Did the Rasul of Allah (saw) come from space?

Did he live in space?

Or did he go to space?

Did he not come from the same place we came from?

Did he not live in the same world as we do?

Did he not go to the place where some of us have also gone, while the rest of us are waiting to go?

“There has certainly come to you a Rasul from within yourselves, he is Mighty; your suffering grieves him... He is truly concerned for you! He is Ra’uf (compassionate) to the believers (who believe in their essential reality) and the Rahim (enables them to live the perfection in their essence).”[1]

The place beyond… A God beyond… God’s delivery-man, beyond… Beyond, beyond beyond!

If everything is beyond you, how can you see that which is inside you?

Like believing you’re paralyzed and asking to be carried while you are perfectly healthy and able to walk! The paralysis is in your head, my friend!

Why wait for a Rasul who is Rauf and Rahim outside and beyond, instead of looking within?

Why not dive into the ocean and try to swim as he did instead of sitting around on the sand watching and gossiping about the other swimmers?

When are you going to realize you’re part of a system that has to be read, deciphered and applied?

For how long are you going to believe in a god who sends commands from the other side of the universe to his deliverer-prophets and who sends his obedient servants to paradise and casts the rebels to hell?

Does the Quran not repeatedly highlight the consequences of following the corrupt religious understanding of one’s forefathers?

Translations of the Quran are always according to the understanding of the translators; they are not the original Quran! When even my own writings contain more than one meaning and thus their translation into another language can never be exactly the same as their original Turkish, how can we be so naïve as to think the revelation of Allah through His Rasul (saw) can be confined to a single meaning?

Unfortunately, those who have failed to discern the real meaning of the Quran have translated it without any depth, using words that conceal its essential meaning, whether consciously or not…

The word prayer for example can never replace the original word salat. While prayer implies the act of praying to someone, salat denotes introspective turning to one’s own essence. While the former leads to duality through worshipping an ‘other’, the original leads to discovering the One whose name is Allah ‘within’ through spiritual ‘ascension’.

The Rasul of Allah (saw) asked us to establish ‘salat’; the Quran does not ask us to worship, it asks us to experience salat.

The purpose isn’t to bow and prostrate before a god to honor and exalt His highness! It is to turn to the reality of Allah within and experience one’s nothingness in the presence of that One. This is the true meaning of servitude!

It is not possible to understand ‘illa Allah’ (only Allah) before discerning the meaning of ‘La ilaha’ (there is no god). One devoid of this understanding can never truly believe in Allah, His Rasul and His revelation, the Quran.

Please realize that the root cause of all misunderstandings is the failure to differentiate between the concept of god-godhood and the magnificent system and order created by the very Names and qualities of Allah!

This is because we fail to rid ourselves of the belief in a deity-god, which has become embedded in our genes, and thus not realize that ‘Allah’ is not a god!

And because we think of Allah as a god, we conceive the Rasuls as ‘delivery-men-prophets’ who receive messages from a god up there! We fail to see the difference between Allah’s prophets and Allah’s Rasuls!

Also, stemming from this lack of understanding, we fail to see which mechanisms will be activated when we apply the recommendations in the Quran and what we’ll be deprived of when we don’t apply them!

Perhaps it’s easier to assume there is a god up there, that way we always have someone to blame!

When are we going to abandon the translations based on a godhead and truly READ the original message?



New Jersey – USA

[1] Quran 9:128

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