If you’re about to drown and someone reaches out to you, will you not unquestionably hold their hand? If you want to be saved, you’ll hold the hand that reaches out, whether you like them or not.

When one is young, he’s usually hot tempered and unable to think calmly and objectively. And when one is old, he loses his reason and feels unable to detach from all the things he possessed and became attached to during his life… He loses his ability to reason and evaluate, he forgets the purpose of his life and begins to bicker and quarrel!

But one who chooses falsity has chosen it himself and if this is what has been created for, you can’t do anything to change that!

The Rasuls and their followers never quarrel or argue with anyone. For, they know that whatever purpose a person has been created for, that is going to be made easy for them, and that is the path they’re going to choose! Hence, the Rasuls and their followers are only concerned about sharing the message, not trying to convince anyone!

But of course, there have always been and will always be those who share this knowledge for worldly pursuits…

Let us know my friends that we have been created for Allah!

Let us stop our wishful cookie thinking and realize the reality of our selves, and live accordingly!

Our friend is one who channels and guides us to our essence!

Our enemy is one who pulls us to the struggle of multiplicity and encourages us to spend our lives in gossip and quarrels.

How much of your time each day do you spend for your main and essential purpose? And how much of your time each day do you spend in pursuit of things that are going to have absolutely no meaning and no benefit to you in the next life?

Let me repeat. The power of the cookie comes from the force of your belief!

Instead of using that force on the cookie, use it to reach your actual purpose so that you inherit the kingdom of the heavens!

Believe in Allah, the One in your essence, and live accordingly!



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