People have created a god in their imagination based on their own conditionings, and they are squandering their lives worshipping this imaginary god!

To be free from becoming one of these people we must comprehend, observe, feel and live the Limitlessness of Allah in respect of His Oneness (Wahidiyyah).

All of these can only be understood via experience, not through reading, but through living.

To live it duly, one must be initiated by a cause. One must be able surpass the words and become the actualization of their meanings. One must then escape the veils of existence, until there remains only the Observer.

To achieve this, one must first believe and then to pursue his belief. One must be cleansed and purified from all his conditionings and the emotions that are attached to them.

Once this happens, one will inevitably fall into consumption of his natural instincts and bodily desires. Thus, one must take extra caution to keep his bodily temptations under strict supervision.

After this is achieved, one must then demolish the illusion of a separate ‘Self’ and “Die before dying” as the Sufis say, that is become naught and realize the Eternal One is Allah.

After all of this, one may finally escape thinking as a man and begin thinking as Allah, as Jesus says.

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