Higher Matter

Until now, I’ve attempted to explain our inadequate evaluation of the actual structure of the universe, due to the limited nature of our sensory perception[1].

Time and time again, we’ve explored the sequence of ‘sub-matter’, breaking matter down to the level of the cells, atoms and subatomic particles, until finally reaching the level of pure energy.

However, we never really directed our attention to ‘higher matter’, that is, the opposite extreme of the sequence; going from matter, up to a ‘higher state’ of matter.

When I say ‘higher matter’, I don’t mean another form of matter that is somehow higher than our current one. As stated before, matter as we know it, is only an assumed reality, based on the interpretation of our senses. This being the case, there is also a higher dimension of this projection!

Let’s try and understand this, by way of an example:

The human body is composed of trillions of cells, which we can view with the aid of specialized microscopes. In reality, we’re far from having completely deciphered all of the functionalities of the cells in our body.

What exactly are all these cells doing? What kind of relations do they have with one another? How do they live, and how do they die? How are new cells generated?

For the most part, we live our lives completely unaware of all this.

Each of the cells, in our body, maintains their life and functionality based on their unique structural properties. In actuality, trillions of cells in our body have all proliferated from one primary cell! The genes contained in the chromosomes of this primary cell, carry all of the information necessary to synthesize every other cell to accomplish all of the tasks during one’s lifetime. In other words, our kidneys, liver, brain, heart and all other organs are nothing but different molecular compositions of these cells. Despite having completely different functions, all of our organs come from the same source! And each one of them possesses their own unique consciousness, mission, and mechanism.

Now, when we view a body from outside, we say ‘a human body’ and see it as one ‘whole’ structure. We don’t see all the different cells composing the body. We don’t evaluate the countless chemical activities that are constantly taking place from the view of our organs, or more accurately, the cells that constitute them. We simply view them as a ‘mass’ and roughly label them as ‘the lungs’, ‘the heart’, and ‘the kidneys’ and so on...

A similar situation resonates on the levels of higher matter.

[1] This topic has also has been thoroughly covered in my books Universal Mysteries, Spirit Man Jinn, Muhammad’s Allah and What Did Muhammad Read?

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