“Knowledge was one point. The ignorant ones multiplied it” says Hadhrat Ali…

As such, while relaying his words, I’m altogether displaying my own ignorance by the lengthiness of my discussion. Albeit, displaying my ignorance reveals at the same time the perfection of the ‘Perfected Ones’, as all things are known through their opposites. If a thing doesn’t have an opposite, its worth and value cannot be known. All things have been created in pairs, one opposing the other, one relevant to the other.

The amalgamation of opposites can only occur at the point of ‘Unity’.

And Unity can only be viewed by removing the curtains that veil it; the curtains that are from itself to itself.

The Absolute Essence whose name Wahid (The One) denotes His attribute Wahidiyyah (Unity),has manifested with the qualities of the Dimension of Attributes, by respect of His Rahmaniyyah(the infinite potential from which divine Names emanate). With these qualities then, He has established the sovereignty of the Names at the Dimenson of Malikiyyah (Divine Dominion). In turn, these names have become outwardly explicit in the World of Acts (af’al) in accordance to the creeds of His Rububiyyah, in the form of unique composition of Names.

Every entity, or instance of manifestation, carries, in itself, all of the compositional qualities of this chain of evolution.

Muhammad (saw) says: “The particle is the same as the whole”;pointing to the reality of the holographic universe.

The particle derives its essence, attributes and qualities from the Essence, Attributes and Qualities of the Infinite One. The acts of the particle are the conversion of these implicit divine qualities into explicit manifestations.

Viewing things from this angle, one cannot see anything other than the One.

We say the dimension of Allah’s Acts, the dimension of Names, the dimension of His Absolute Essence and so on… But what exactly do we understand by the word ‘dimension’? Where is the dimension of Names in respect to the Acts? Where are the Attributes in respect to the Names?

They place the ‘Chair’ (Kursi) on the 7 heavens, and the ‘Throne’ (arsh) upon the Kursi, then search for a god within these defined parameters, whereas “He is present with His Essence in every particle”.

Allah’s Absolute Essence (dhat) is Infinite, so if He is present with His Infinite Self in every particle, within every dimension, then there is no particle in reality, there is only the Eternal One.

As long as we fall short of fully comprehending Allah’s Limitlessness in respect of His ‘One’-ness (Wahidiyyah), our understanding of Islam and faith will always be less than adequate.

The Quran depicts the state of such people as:

“Did you not see the one who has deified his ‘hawa’ (instinctual desires, corporeality, illusionary self)!..” (Quran 25:43)

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