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Composed of the 1989 Antalya conversations, this book presents a unique synthesis of some of the most fundamental concepts of Sufism and the latest scientific findings.

I don’t claim to be the first to expound these truths, neither those pertaining to Sufism nor science. I don’t doubt that many researchers and enlightened ones have already unearthed and shared such valuable knowledge, though they aren’t very widespread and as far as I’m aware a synthesis of the two fields has not been done to date.

Those, who have kept up to date with scientific development -not contenting with the knowledge they gained at school - will no doubt appreciate the value of this book. The sections that explain the concept of the ‘Holographic Brain and Universe’and the Sufi reality, based on the vision of Unity that ‘the worlds are like a dream’, clearly explicate that science and Sufism are merely different interpretations of ‘the same reality’.

It is an overwhelming experience of perfection and beauty to witness the ‘oneness’, i.e., the ‘reality’, perceived as intuition or ‘revelation’ by those in the past and relayed through allegories and metaphors, arriving at the same truth with scientific findings, now in the 90s!

I had previously stated that ‘REALITY’, as the Sufis refer to it, is merely a metaphor and these metaphors can be deciphered by everyone to whose lives they are relevant. By all means, the wise reader will understand and experience the knowledge imparted in this book and ultimately, will realize it to be the disclosure of my own understanding.

I penned this book so that those with an interest in Sufism can acquire a general understanding, to serve as a stepping-stone for further studies they may resume through a spiritual master, and as an incitement for the unraveling of mysteries that are undisclosed here.

I also want to take this opportunity to clarify the following:

Twenty-five years ago, when I wrote Spirit Man Jinn, I had defined the human ‘spirit’ as a form of ‘MICRO-WAVE’ produced by the brain. Anyone, who can recall those days, will appreciate that explaining religion through science wasn’t a common practice. In fact, this is why the titular religious had shown so much reaction to my works, making claims such as: ‘religion is a matter of faith; it has nothing to do with science’.

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