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The Will of The One

When the One, in order to experience Himself, wills to divulge Self-disclosure through a particular form in the corporeal world, that form, will turn to the One at the expense of everything, including its own being. The sole purpose, of this particular form, will be to reach the One.

In order to achieve this goal, he will give up everything, from the plane of thoughts to the plane of actions, everything he assumes he owns will become expendable. He will forego his conditionings, and all the so-called values attached to them, and their resulting emotions… He will even aim to detach from his physical desires and addictions, cleansing his body from smoking or drinking habits, excessive eating or sleeping and any other bodily weaknesses he may have acquired in his lifetime. He will then commence spiritual practices to raise his consciousness.

As he discovers his reality at the level of consciousness, he will become cognizant of the One and realize all knowledge pertains to Him. He will then recognize the illusory nature of his self and the inexistence of his ostensible identity, and begin to let it go, finally annihilating himself and uniting with the One.

Nonetheless, all of this can only be achieved through the guidance of an enlightened mentor, already living this reality. For it is not possible for one to break free, from the confinements of certain conditionings, desires and natural tendencies, or the illusion of a self-identity, all by himself.[1]

So if he is to reach the One, he will seek out and find a guide who will enable him to relinquish all his conditionings, a guide who has already been through this process and has been enlightened. As one can’t teach another how to swim, if they don’t know how to swim themselves! If a man, who has never once seen the ocean, claims he can teach you how to swim, leave him in his delusion and continue your journey. A shepherd can’t teach you how to swim. One must seek the right guidance from the right source.

Once the right guide is found and his guidance is heard and applied, purification of the soul will take place and the consciousness will be awakened. This arduous process will continue to until complete submission and unity with the One is attained. At this point, one will realize he is ‘Islam’. He will become Abdullah that is ‘the servant of Allah’ and reflect the meanings of Allah on his newly polished and purified mirror of selflessness.

True purification costs everything. It requires the sacrifice of everything we own. If we are not willing to give up all that we possess in this pursuit, it is probably best that we don’t embark on this journey at all, for it is a journey filled with struggle, pain, tribulations and sufferings… It may cost our belongings, our loved ones, our identity and everything that is attached to it!

[1] This topic has been covered in detail in my book Know Yourself.

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