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Reality or a Dream?

According to scientific view;

If we can comprehend the truth, we will understand that a conscious being, who parts from this world, cannot in any way or form come back to continue living an earthly life through another body; simply because, the only permissible movement in the universe is forward.

If we could transgress the boundaries of our biological body and realize a state of radial holographic life... If we could make a leap to the state of pure consciousness and discover our own essence in the Essence of existence... we may finally attain the truth about our former stages, and realize that, in fact, we never actually came into existence in the first place.

How can this be achieved?

Before we answer this very crucial question, let us first consider the following:

While the unequivocal essence of our existence is consciousness emanating from non-existence, why do we demote ourselves to an unornamented material state, confine ourselves to flesh and bones, and define ourselves as earthlings, bound only by earth’s course and time?

If I were to ask you ‘What is your age?’, for example, you might say ‘I’m 30 years old’. But is that really so? According to what are you 30? Is this an absolute or a relative figure?

Let us examine this from a scientific perspective:

Since your current life is connected to your physical body and your physical body is connected to the earth that you’re living on, you are assuming you are 30 years old, based on earth time.

Conforming to this calculation, if you live, say another 30 years, you will leave the earth at the age of 60. But what about after you leave earth, will you continue to think you’re 60 years old?

The earth rotates within the orbit and the magnetic field of the sun. This means that every living creature on earth draws its life from solar energy. To put it theologically, we may say that the star called the sun is the physical manifestation of Allah’s Attribute of Life in this universe. Or, rather than solar energy, we may call it ‘the angelic force which constitutes the sun’.

All forms of life, on all the heavenly bodies within our solar system, obtain their life and form and continue their existence with this angelic force, within the dimensional depths of the sun.

The brain, which constitutes individual consciousness, evaluates these various dimensions using its sensory receptors and based on these evaluations, it affiliates itself to the field of data that its receptors intromit.

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