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Data Storage In The Brain

The brain’s perpetual process of storing memories and information begins at birth and continues until death.

Various types of data reach the brain in the form of waves. By programming the receptor cells according to their own frequency, the data take over the activities of these cells, imposing their own informational content upon the brain. Whether we call this conditioning, or programming the brain with specific information, it makes no difference, as the effect remains the same.

The brain, by its nature, is designed to receive and accept all forms of information. When a child touches a hot stove for example, and we yell out “No! Hot!”, we inadvertently condition the child’s brain, so that the next time a hot stove is encountered, the child will automatically define it as ‘hot!..’

As such, in time and with experience, certain judgments are dictated to the brain, leading us to acquiesce in the false belief that we are composed of a ‘physical body’. Henceforth, based on all the different information we store in our brain we begin constructing a ‘standard of judgment’, which stays with us until death. Unless that is, we become informed of a better alternative with which to replace this information.

All this informing and conditioning then leads us to the belief that the administration of our body belongs to us. Consequently, we perceive ourselves as a separate physical body, and this idea that we are an ‘individual unit’, separate from the ‘whole’, becomes our biggest obstruction. As a result of this conditioning, we become punished with a lifestyle that is deprived of the ‘Universal Essence’ in our origin.

But how about the superfluous conditionings, to which we are constantly exposed, from our environment? Indeed, our environment presents us with all kinds of information, but it doesn’t enforce it upon us.

The mechanics of the System does not tolerate excuses.

It is ‘us’ who have the final say as to the information that we want to absorb. It is up to ‘us’ to observe, study, inspect the data presented, check it against our latest attained knowledge and verify it. We must examine the data in accordance with scientific findings, determine whether it is correct or not, then make a decision to take it or leave it, rather than blindly accepting everything we are given.

Metaphorically speaking, accepting any given information, without conscious observation, is like burying our lively consciousness into the lifeless grave of the body, oblivious of how ‘free’ we may seemingly be. One, who cannot escape the grave of the body while living, cannot escape the grave of the earth after death!

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