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The Observation of The Essence

“Has there not been a time, when man was not a thing even mentioning? (Man was not yet manifest; he was the unmanifest within the dimension of the Names)(Quran 76:1)

“I was a hidden treasure and I loved to be known, so I created heaven and earth. I created Adam so that I may be known.”

“Allah existed and nothing else existed with Him. And He is now as he ever was.”

“Allah created Adam in His own image, or, in the image of Rahman (the quantum potential from which everything obtains its existence).”

“Where was Allah before He created the heavens and the earth? He was in Absolute potentiality (Ama) above and below of which there was no air.”

What are these encrypted messages telling us?

Be it the verses of the Quran or the sayings of Muhammad (saw), evaluating these timeless truths, according to the knowledge and understanding of our current time, will provide us with invaluable insight and enlightenment.

However, the primary prerequisite for such enlightenment is the removal of the thick veil of the 5 senses. For, without freeing ourselves from the conditionings of this blinding veil and its illusory world, we cannot see the truth for what it is.

Nonetheless, the cocoon-like reality, spun by our sensory perceptions, or the 5 senses, is not altogether purposeless. It actually renders a crucial function in one’s primary growth. Like a mother’s womb, it aids in the cardinal development by nurturing and preparing us for the real world. Hence, it is not designed to be a perpetual abode, rather a temporary sheath of protection during our development. Just like a matured baby pushes itself out of the womb, or a developed silk worm breaks out of its cocoon, the matured consciousness must also hatch out of its cocoon-like reality, lest he suffocates and withers away.

Our biological bodies and this worldly life are like our cocoons, designed specifically for us to develop and enhance our Afterlife skills, so that we can survive and thrive in the hereafter.

If our consciousness fails to break through this cocoon of the 5 senses, it will never attain the truth about itself. As a result, we will always be subject to the stimulations of our rigid sense perceptions, i.e., the physiological and chemical stimulations of our body will shape our reality, in which we will eventually suffocate.

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