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53 - An-Najm

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. By the star (Najm) (that describes all of the reality by disclosing it part by part),

  2. Your friend has neither strayed nor has he erred!

  3. Nor does he speak from his own inclinations (imagination)!

  4. It is only a revealed revelation!

  5. Taught to him by one whose forces are intense!

  6. That (force) became apparent to him and thus he became open (to receiving revelation)!

  7. While he was at the highest point of the horizon (covering all of externality)!

  8. The he approached and descended (externality transformed into internality).

  9. And was (as close as) the distance between two bow lengths or nearer!

  10. Thus He revealed to His servant what He revealed.

  11. The heart did not lie about what it saw (the incoming information coalesced with the Truth revealed within the brain by the heart neurons)!

  12. Do you argue with him regarding what he saw?

  13. And indeed, he saw Him again (became aware as the reality descended to his consciousness).

  14. In the presence of the Lote Tree (the experience of eternity as pure universal consciousness).

  15. Near it (the Lote Tree) is the Paradise of Mawa!

  16. When there covered the Lote Tree that which covered it (the light of the reality covered his being as he lost his sense of being a body)!

  17. His sight neither wavered (to the concept of an ‘other’) nor did it transgress its limit (the observation of the reality did not lead him to become Pharaoh-like and deify himself)!

  18. Indeed, he saw the greatest signs of His Rabb (the Names comprising his essence)!

  19. Did you see the Lat and the Uzza?

  20. And Manat, the third (can they make you experience such an ascension)?

  21. Is the male yours and the female His?

  22. If so, that is an unjust division!

  23. They are mere names that you and your forefathers gave, for which Allah has not disclosed any proof (baseless names that do not point to anything that actually exists)! They follow only assumption and the illusory desires of their ego (even though) the knowledge of the reality has indeed come to them from their Rabb (the reality of the Names comprising their essence).

  24. Or is there a rule that man shall have whatever he desires?

  25. Both the eternal life to come and the world are for (the manifestations of the Names of) Allah!

  26. And how many angels are there in the heavens whose intercession will not be of any avail, except for those to whom Allah allows, those for whom He wills and with whom He is pleased?

  27. Indeed, those who do not believe in their eternal life to come define the angels as females.

  28. But they have no knowledge (proof) thereof... They follow only unverifiable assumptions, and indeed, never can assumption reflect the Truth!

  29. So, turn away from those who turn their backs to our dhikr (to the reality We remind them) and who desire nothing but the pleasures of the world!

  30. This is the highest point of their knowledge (to live in and die in pursuit of worldly pleasures; they cannot think beyond this)! Indeed, your Rabb, HU, knows better who strays from His way! And HU knows better who is guided to the reality!

  31. Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth is for (the manifestation of the qualities denoted by the Names of) Allah! That is so He may recompense those who do bad deeds with the consequences of their actions and requite those who do good deeds with the best reward.

  32. They are those who refrain from major mistakes (duality, slander, murder, etc.) and immoralities (fornication, adultery, etc.) only committing small mistakes resulting from their human nature... Indeed, vast is the forgiveness of your Rabb! He knows you better as He comprises your being with His Names; when He produced you from the earth (your body) and while you were fetuses in the wombs of your mothers! So, do not try to exonerate yourselves! He knows better who protects themselves (as their creator with His Names)!

  33. Did you see the one who turned away?

  34. Who gave little, then refrained (from giving)!

  35. Has he the knowledge of the unknown, so that he sees?

  36. Or was he not informed of the pages (knowledge – laws) of Moses?

  37. And the (pages of) Abraham, the faithful?

  38. No bearer of burdens (guilty one) can bear the burden (offence) of another!

  39. And man will only accrue the results (consequences) of his own deeds (what manifests through him; his thoughts and actions)!

  40. And the results of his efforts will soon be seen!

  41. Then he will live the full results (of his deeds)!

  42. Indeed, the end of all things is to your Rabb!

  43. Indeed, it is HU who makes one laugh and weep!

  44. Indeed, it is HU who causes death and gives life (resurrects one with knowledge and enlightenment)!

  45. Indeed, it is HU who creates the two sexes, male and female...

  46. From a drop of sperm ejected (into the womb – the Rahim)!

  47. And upon Him is the second creation (second life)!

  48. And indeed, it is HU who enriches and deprives.

  49. And indeed, it is HU who is the Rabb of Sirius (the star)!

  50. And indeed, it is HU who destroyed the former Aad.

  51. And Thamud... (Of whom) none remains!

  52. And before them the people of Noah... Indeed, they, yes they, were more unjust and worse in egocentric indulgences.

  53. And He overthrew the cities (the destroyed cities: Sodom and Gomorrah)!

  54. And thus covered them with their coverings (as the result of their deeds)!

  55. So which of the favors of your Rabb will you doubt now!

  56. This is a warner just like the previous warners!

  57. That which nears (death) has neared!

  58. There is none to avert (the hardship of death) besides Allah.

  59. Do you find this (the commencement of an eternal life through death) to be strange?

  60. And you laugh rather than weeping!

  61. You amuse yourselves in heedlessness!

  62. Prostrate (experience your nonexistence) in the sight of Allah (your essential reality with His Names) and continue your servitude. (This is a verse of prostration.)

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