We came not to analyze and evaluate others, but to know and develop ourselves so we may move onto the life after without regrets.

Everything else besides this will slow us down from reaching our purpose and make us lose things for which we cannot compensate.

So, let us try to reevaluate everything anew, objectively, without making comparisons to the past. Let us try to see and evaluate things as though for the very first time.

This applies not only to evaluations you make in your life, but also to your thoughts, dreams and imaginings… They too are judged and analyzed based on past data, which is why we are constantly in a mode of comparison.

Does life result by renewing and revising the old or are new things actually being created, but we are failing to recognize this because our brains are always making comparisons?

But why can’t we recognize the new in spite of the old?

The simplest reason is because we fail to recognize the mistakes in our current database. In other words, we’re not hitting the ‘refresh’ button! We’re filtering the new data with our old database!

If we really want to perceive the new, we not only need to refresh, but we need to format our database! This is near impossible for a brain that is working below full capacity!

So, if it’s not really possible, why am I writing all of this?

Because this is what I think the situation is and I personally try to evaluate existence based on this truth and I think you should know it too. For, if we don’t recognize the new, we’ll have to wear the hand-me-down’s from our parents and their parents and so on…

So, come my friends, let’s stop comparing things to the past or to others and let’s try to evaluate the new for what it is. Some associate the word sharia with comparison and Islamic consensus alongside the Quran and hadith. My understanding is sharia only comprises the Quran and the teachings of the Rasul (saw).



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