It also has a heart.

It also has a spirit.

It also has a secret.

It also has a hafi (hidden).

And an ahfa (most hidden).

The point…

The point is the universe… The point in the universe, is me!

The point, is created…

I’m nothing at the point, impoverished, wretched, impotent and in need!

The point does dhikr to the Creator, with its billions of organs and hundreds of billions of tongues…

I do dhikr to my creator, with every single one of my trillions of cells, at every instant!

With the tongue of each of my cells, with the tongue of each of my organs, with the tongue of my spirit, my consciousness, and the meaning of my existence…

The world is doing dhikr, the worlds are doing dhikr…

The world is doing tasbih, the worlds are doing tasbih…

The point is turning, around its own purpose of creation.

All point are turning around the point of their purpose of creation…

Everything is turning, around ONE thing!

There is an angel called SPIRIT.

Then there are angels, created from that angel, and more angels created from other angels!

There are angels, sublime… There are angels, veiled… Angels, veiled from their own observation of angelic qualities!

Angels are Nur!

Angels are consciousness!

Angels are gayyur (jealous)!

An angel becomes one creature at one point, and another creature at another point!

They play among each other! Wheels of fortune are turning in the universe!

All angels serve their purpose of creation…

Those that are named devils… And those that are named humans, though some of us are a little like this or a little like that according to others of us!

Some of us are oceans, some of us are mere drops in the ocean… But we’re all in the same boat, at the end of the day… Going to some unknown town!

The end of existence is inexistence.

The end of hell is nothingness.

The life of a point is exhaustion.

Allah is al-GHANI!


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