All the games are played around these.

Everything is valuable until you attain it. It’s valuable until you can buy it!

Once you can possess it, you lose interest; it’s not that exciting anymore… Let’s head for something new!

We think there’s nothing that can’t be bought or possessed or controlled!

“How much?” we continue to ask… We even attempt to appraise Allah!

There’s never enough money!

Never enough rank!

Never enough fame!

Never enough women!

Because this is all we know!

And we don’t have faith in the Rasul of Allah (saw), so why bother trying to reach the purpose he showed us?

We’re only concerned about finding out more ways of eating, drinking and sleeping!

If it weren’t for the fear of an illusory god, we wouldn’t even give charity now and then or do any good for anyone.

Oh, but what if there is life after death?

This fear slows some of us down…

At least it restrains our animalistic tendencies… A little!

When the fear of fire and suffering joins the fear of god, it works like a brake! Those without such fears are like cars without brakes.

When do they stop? When they crash!

But all of this is just another stage of the play… We’re not even aware! There are yet many stages being prepared for us!

Who you share this stage with, who you control, oppress or use and abuse in this stage is going to mean a great deal in the next stage… You’re designing your seed, your spiritual genes right now… You have no idea what this seed is going to yield for you, what it’s going to make you live!

The fathers eat the sour grapes, but the children’s teeth are set on edge!

He who can’t grasp the truth about life after death and direct his life accordingly, striving only for material gains and pleasures, will eventually be faced with great suffering.

Think about what the role you’re playing now in this stage will lead to in the next stages; think about the consequences!

Even if you don’t understand it, at least try to play a good role. If you can achieve this, you’ve been blessed. If you don’t see the importance of this or don’t feel the need to, then better prepare yourself for the suffering that will ensue!

I’m learning to take my wife’s advice, I’m learning to see the screenwriter and not get mad at the actors…

Salam to you!



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