“Subhan is He who created all pairs (DNA helix) from what the earth (body) produces and from themselves (their consciousness) and from that which they don’t know!”[1]


“And a sign for them are the ships We carried full with their progeny!”[2]


“It is He who created the pairs (double helix DNA) and formed ships (consciousness) and animals (biological body) upon which you ride.”[3]


“And We created everything in pairs (positive – negative energy; the double stranded DNA)… That perhaps you will remember and contemplate.”[4]


I talked a little about quantum physics and the holographic make-up of the universe in The Observing One (1995) and Man Spirit Jinn (1970). I tried to explain how the Quran alludes to these realities.

Every particle at the quantum level, the essence of the material world, exists with its pair.

Let’s remember the word Allah is a name, a reference. As the verse “It was Allah who threw” is essentially a reference to everything, as everything is composed of the same ‘stuff’, whatever its level of existence may be. Thus, the word Allah points to the materialized form of existence, appearing as ‘many,’ as much as it points to the ‘oneness’ that can be observed at the quantum level.

But of course, having said all of this, it is also imperative to remember that Allah is beyond all of this and totally free from being confined to or limited by any form or concept.

The station referred to as the Spirit or the Grand Spirit in Sufism is in fact the quantum dimension, an indivisible field of oneness, which comprises the essence of all perceivable and unperceivable things. Consciousness at this level “manifests anew at every instant” due to the various interactions of the quants.

All quants exist as pairs and are perceived as either photons or waves, and they are constantly in communication with one another, even if the other is on the other side of the galaxy!

The quants of the quantum universe are like the genes of the animal life (the body life). The genes are symbolized as “ships” in the Quran; ships that carry certain meanings from the quantum dimension to the level of matter. They are space ships that carry travelers of meaning from the quantum space to the plane of matter at the speed of light. Genes that exist as pairs form our livestock-vehicles, i.e. our bodies, and the chromosomes sail in the cytoplasm of the cell like ships.

At the quantum level, everything exists as a single consciousness. This single unified field of consciousness is called the First Intellect in Sufism. The quantum level is the attribute of life itself!

All of the angels in existence have been formed from this single angel, also called the Spirit, or the quantum level that comprises the essence of all of us.

In other words, the angelic dimensions formed from this quantum field of oneness create all the perceivable and unperceivable things.

Essentially, everything is just an observation; it is the quantum level observing itself!

Time and space do not apply to this plane.

If and when man completes his journey to his essential reality, the ‘constructed person’ or ego-identity will become annihilated and only the Self will remain to observe its Self!



[1] Quran 36:36

[2] Quran 36:41

[3] Quran 43:12

[4] Quran 51:49

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