Our knowledge of Allah is not derived from our own illusion and imagination but from the teachings of the Rasul of Allah (saw), from what he has revealed to us through the Quran and hadith. We contemplate on the reference of Allah based on this knowledge but never condition and confine Him to our understanding!

Rasulullah-centered religion is the name of the system and order comprising the infinite dimensions and universes within universes! Islam is the name of the system in which the products of ONE knowledge and power reside in absolute submission within the infinite dimensions of existence.

“In the sight of Allah, Islam is the religion” is an expression of this truth.

Therefore, Rasulullah-centered understanding is the Religion, but a deity-centered one is only religious savvy.

The other important aspect of the Rasulullah-centered approach is about vicegerency. All units of existence are manifestations reflecting the Names and Attributes of Allah, based on the holographic reality and hadith ‘the part mirrors the whole.’

The best way to discern this is to align our thoughts such that it goes from the one towards the many (from the whole to the part)!

Once this is achieved, we will realize that all the Names and Attributes belonging to what Allah references are the forces and qualities inherent in every single person and unit of existence. Furthermore, we will know that ‘angels’ are the forces comprising the degrees of the manifestation of these qualities, emerging from the essence of man to the database of his consciousness…

Aleem, Mumeet and Haseeb, manifest as Gabriel, Azrael (the transformer) and Munkar-Nakir (the accountants) respectively!

There are no inanimate and unconscious beings in the Rasulullah-centered understanding! For every unit of existence subsists with the qualities of the Names of Allah.

Man is the only existence among all living things on earth to feel ‘sympathy and mercy’ and the capacity to observe the magnificent sunnatullah of Allah! Hence, he is the most honored among creation (ashraf-i mahluq)!

“One without sympathy deserves no sympathy”!

Rasulullah’s (saw) words in reference to vermin: “Kill all things that are harmful!” need to be comprehended and evaluated well.

Everyone who respects the lives of others has the right to live in the Rasulullah-centered conception of religion.

According to this view, every unit of existence is facilitated by its Rabb (the unique composition of Names comprising its essence) to fulfil the purpose of its creation. This may be both towards a favorable end or an unfavorable one. This is the display of absolute servitude.

In the Rasulullah-centered religion, all spiritual practices in the form of prayer, dhikr, salat and fasting etc. are done with the intention of actualizing the forces and qualities pertaining to one’s Rabb within one’s own essence rather than to please a deity-god. The phrases “for the pleasure of Allah” or “to please Allah” entail the suitability or compatibility of a situation to one’s optimal essential reality. For as a result of this, one is able to manifest a quality of his ideal essential self!

And man will only accrue the results (consequences) of his own labor (what manifests through him; his thoughts and actions, due to the trigger system).” (Quran 53:39)

This verse is clear enough for thinking brains to comprehend the reality!

In short, a deity-god centered religion is directed towards an external God.

Whereas religion centered around the Rasul of Allah, Muhammad (saw), is for ‘humans’ who begin with faith in Allah (as disclosed by the Rasul of Allah) and then discover the various degrees of divinity and the forces and perfect qualities pertaining to them, all within their own essence.


29 July 2005

Raleigh, NC – USA

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