Rahman taught the Quran! This teaching, based on a specific system and order, formed the universes within universes!

The ‘Quran’ here, is a general reference to the Absolute Essence’s (dhat) descension to the world of Names and Attributes (multiplicity) to form everything that is perceived and not perceived; the jinni (all invisible beings) and humans.

Every iota within the cosmos at every instance manifests the knowledge of Allahin different guises, through which the attribute of will transforms into power to create every single unit of existence!

Although the genetic code of an ape is very similar to humans, the advanced apes, whether we call it mutation or an angelic effect, ultimately the divine knowledge has formed on earth a species from nothing called ‘man.’

In fact, ‘declaration’ was the driver of this formation.

‘Declaration’ is the name of the operating system running one’s existence program!

The teaching of the declaration means creating man with the same operating system running the universe, which is the natural result of sunnatullah!

That is, the program that is operating at the macro level is applied at the micro level!

This is why it was said ‘the part reflects the whole’!

This is why the universe has been defined as macro and man as micro.

And this is why many years ago I had said “Our brain is our micro-cosmos”.

Just as the universes, with all their dimensional depths, are the manifestations of Allah’s names and attributes at various levels and as various compositions, in the same way, man, who has been formed with a program (taught-talim) is a micro-world that contains all of these manifestations within himself.

Hadhrat Ali (ra) alluded to this truth 1,400 years ago with his words: “You think you are a small world, whereas you are a world that is great”!

Unfortunately, because everything was expressed via metaphors and symbols, the truth has always remained concealed.

Man is the twin brother of the Quran” also refers to the same truth.

The concept referenced by the word Quran in “Rahman taught the Quran” is not the same concept we gather from the ‘holy book’ we hold in our hands today.

The Quran in this verse is a reference to the code of the primary operating system with which Allah created the cosmos, or the Primary Book. Since man also exists with the same system he has been defined as the twin brother or the micro of the macro universe and has been referenced synonymously with the Book revealed to him. The Quran being ‘revealed’ to the Rasul of Allah (saw) means he was able to READ (iqra) the universal system. Hence, it is said “The Quran was revealed at once.”

As this knowledge was imparted to the people, the Quran as we know it was formed. The Quran is knowledge! It is not paper, leather or a collection of pages!

If man can cleanse himself from imitation, subconscious information in the form of memorized and conditioned data, and begin to question his essence and evaluate the knowledge he acquires in this way, the path to becoming ‘moralized with the morals of Allah’ will open to him. He will begin to READ the sunnatullah! He will become the eyes with which He sees, the ears with which He hears and the speech through which He speaks! But the people won’t recognize Him! Just as they didn’t recognize the Rasul of Allah (saw) and told him: “you stroll through the bazaar and the market place just like one of us”

The dualists can only perceive ‘Muhammad the orphan’, they are blind to ‘Muhammad, the Rasul of Allah (saw)’!

This is such a bounty that only the intimates of the reality can confirm and witness its true value!

So which of the favors of your Rabb (the Names comprising your essence – your consciousness and body) will you deny?” (Quran 55:13)

Hence, at this level of consciousness, this is how the Quran should be READ!

Spawned by atheism, Darwinism is thought to be the beginning of modern science. Having knocked down the concept of god, it naturally infused the question “OK then, what is the creative intelligence behind this system and order in the universe?

The classic religious/God approach was not able to provide an adequate answer and so ultimately the view based on ‘intelligent design’ was reached. The thinking brains, despite refusing the concept of a deity-god, were in search of a ‘universal creative intelligence’ in light of the latest scientific developments.

Western scientists who were up to date with all of the latest scientific advancements knew there couldn’t be a deity dwelling somewhere in space who sent down some heavenly religion, due to this they accepted atheism. However, this wasn’t sufficient to shed light on the universal realities they were seeking either, so the motive was to search for the ‘Universal Creative Intelligence’.

This view is the door to Allah, as disclosed by Muhammad (saw) the Rasul of Allah!

Many people are now seeking the reality of the religion of Islam, beyond the views of the titular Muslims. When this search enables the seekers to recognize al-Fatir, they are going to discover and accept the One referenced by Allah, who’s Absolute Essence is an Absolute Unknown! According to my understanding, this is the outcome of the Mujaddid’s (Reviver) years of service on earth.

It is impossible for those who become cognizant of the reality at this level to remain as atheists!

May the door to reality be a blessing upon everyone who recognizes it!

This is another expression of ‘being guided by Allah’ or perceiving and evaluating the reality!


12 August 2005

Raleigh – NC, USA

46 / 75

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