Do not waste your time with my gossip, for if I am blameworthy I will assuredly suffer the consequences of my mistakes, but if I am of the righteous, then whatever you say will have no effect on me anyway, it will only waste your time and breath!

Besides, if my evaluations, all of which are based on the teachings of the Quran, the Rasul of Allah (saw), and the most eminent leaders of spirituality, are correct, then how much validity can opposing beliefs hold anyway? This I leave to your judgment…

May Allah save us from our conflicts and aid us to prepare a favorable future for ourselves!

Eid has come! The eid of Ramadan, the eid of offering thanks, eid for those who attained the prosperity of the month of Ramadan…

May your eid be blessed with the light of the Rasul of Allah (saw)!

If you get to know him and his purpose your love for him will strengthen, for he is closer to you than your close ones, and more protective over your than you can imagine. He has strived much too hard to enable a safe and blissful future for you! I pray this eid will be the eid of realizing this truth.

I pray that, for the sake of His beloved one, Muhammad Mustapha (saw), Allah blesses this humble servant and anyone who has listened, shared and contributed to the distribution of this knowledge, with the light of faith and ability, certainty (yakeen) of faith, and protection from all extremes!

May the blessing of Allah be upon his Rasul in a way most suited to His knowledge!

May Allah guide us all to the proper evaluation of Islam, as disclosed by the Rasul of Allah (saw).

I wish you clarity in mind and thought and apologize for any transgressions from my behalf, if there has been any, I hope that you find forgiveness and tolerance in your heart …

May the guidance of Allah be with you always.

Farewell, my friends…


3 November 2005

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