You are the protector and your power overrides all things. You are the Rabb of the worlds, the Azim!

Help me to deservedly and duly know your Rasul, who taught these truths to us. Bless him with the utmost of blessings, however he deserves it, for we are impotent from duly praising him”…

And keep praying as it comes from your heart while prostrating… Know that your prayers will reach the One in your essence, and your Rabb will answer you… From you, have no doubt!

Other than sharing my knowledge with you, I repeat, I am no man of religion, theologian, sheikh, scholar or a leader! Nor do I have any other labels! I am merely a simple man living a simple life, though a great devotee of the Rasul of Allah (saw)! I have many faults, mistakes, and shortcomings… I suffer from the pain of not duly knowing the Rasul of Allah (saw), and his disclosure of Allah and the sunnatullah!

I try my best to explain the magnificent truth to you as plainly and clearly as I possibly can but it seems the messages that are taken are very different. Here are two examples of which I have become aware:

A man is advised by his friend to watch one of my videos. He begins watching, a short while later he turns it off, calls his friend and swears at me, saying: “He literally says there is no God! Why on earth would you advise this kind of thing to me!?”

The second example is about my friend’s 6-year-old daughter, Ozdenur. Apparently when her parents were watching one of my videos, she was sitting on her father’s lap with her eyes closed. Her parents thought she was sleeping. Two days later her mother witnessed a conversation Ozdenur was having with one of her peers. Her friend was very upset with someone and was saying: “I’m going to complain about her to Allah!” pointing her finger to the sky. Upon hearing this, Ozdenur said: “Allah is not in the sky, why are you pointing up?” Her mother was astounded; she had thought Ozdenur was asleep during the video. Then her friend asked: “Then where is Allah?” and Ozdenur replied: “Allah is inside us all”…

So they ask me: “Why haven’t we heard any of this before?”

Because you couldn’t! Because my works are heavily censored in Turkey. In certain places, even mentioning the name Ahmed Hulusi is prohibited. The Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs has banned my books from being sold; the books I have been printing and freely distributing for over 40 years! My audios and videos are prohibited from being published or broadcasted! If any of my works were to be accidentally broadcasted in any way, they will be removed immediately by the powers that be. Hence, Ahmed Hulusi need not live in Turkey!

On the other hand, there are those who claim I bring a new age and moderate version of Islam from America…

It is funny how people are so prejudiced and so quick to judge… It is not even worth responding to such accusations…

Ahmed Hulusi’s stance is quite conspicuous. Go and read my book Revelations, an account of my insights at the age of 21, written in 1966. Go and read The Mystery of Man written in 1985. Or read Muhammads Allah, originally written in 1989. You will see that Ahmed Hulusi has kept the same stance for 42 years with no digression, and he has shared all of it without asking for anything in return. So here you have it, you have listened to me throughout this month of Ramadan, everything I have shared is at your disposal. Why they would censor this material, I leave that to your discretion.

My friends…

Take this knowledge, use it and then leave me! You have no business with me, your business is with the most magnificent form of consciousness that has ever transpired on earth, Muhammad Mustapha (saw)!

Apply your knowledge to the best of your understanding and experience its result! Know that no excuse is going to be valid in the afterlife! Such and such person who led you astray is not going to hold any validity on the other side! Each soul is going to live the results of their own deeds!

Do not let the colorful world of the Dajjal (Antichrist) deceive you! In his world, mortals are disguised as immortals and the wrongs as rights! That which is worthless in the infinite realms is made to appear as valuable in his finite world! To harbor his fraud and prevent the reality from becoming apparent, new prohibitions are brought by the powers that be, preventing people from thinking and questioning! People are like herds of sheep in their view, and they are the shepherds!

Gain your liberty my friends! Start thinking, questioning, and re-evaluating your knowledge to better understand the Quran and the magnificent Rasul of Allah (saw).

I’m extending a hand of help…

Free yourself from the hundred million fatwas released since Hadhrat Ali (ra). Listen only to the Rasul of Allah (saw) and define the direction of your life based on his teachings alone. There are millions of people around the globe from different regions who unanimously believe there is no god, there is only Allah. Can all these people, who accept the Rasul of Allah (saw) and the Quran, be called irreligious or unbelievers just because they are unaware of the tens of thousands of fatwas, or have not joined a Sufi order and aren’t accustomed to a mazhap? Please use your intellect and logic and question religion realistically!

Let us know with certainty that anyone who has accepted the Rasul of Allah (saw) and the teachings in the Quran is a believer, even if all the Muslims in the world were to call him an unbeliever!

Let the only person to whom you submit be the most magnificent person to have ever walked this earth, the Rasul and final Nabi of Allah, Muhammad Mustapha (saw)!

A Christian cannot turn to God without the church and the Vatican! A Jew cannot turn to God without a rabbi! A Muslim, on the other hand, needs no religious institution, mufti, sheikh, leader nor the government! Turn your face to the Rasul of Allah wherever and whenever… Turn to Allah in your essence; do not put any mediators in between!

Our biggest difference from the Christians and Jews is about Muhammad (saw). They do not believe he is the Rasul of Allah and, as such, far from Allah as disclosed by him, they believe in an external deity-god up in the heavens; a god that is soon to descend to the earth! Whereas Muhammad’s difference lies here! He removed all vehicles and mediators between man and Allah by disclosing the reality of Allah. The Bible is equivalent to a book of hadiths not to the Quran, for it comprises a record of the accounts of Jesus’ apostles; they are not revelations like the verses in the Quran! How much of the ‘good news’ (bible) actually revealed to Jesus (saw) has been recorded in this hadith-like book is unknown.

According to the Rasul of Allah (saw) one may pray wherever and whenever they like without having to put anyone in between themself and Allah! One is not bound by any fatwa, mufti, haji, hodja or sheikh! Then, turn to Allah in your essence wherever and whenever you remember and ask everything of Him! You do not need to follow any of the hundreds of thousands of fatwas released by the tens of thousands of hodjas to date!

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