device and measure again only to discover the radioactivity level is significantly higher than their assumption.

Thus, those who are deprived of this knowledge always criticize or deny ideas and people fall outside the range of their own capacity. This is the primary reason of critical approach and denial. Man denies what he cannot comprehend. And to those who say, “If this is so how do we take others as examples?” we say:

Take only our Rasul (saw) as an example, and take only the Quran as a master. The Quran binds you only to follow the Rasul (saw).

Criticizing or denying people who you are unable to understand only reveals your lack of discretion and comprehension. In any case, they are free from your judgments…

So obey the verse:

“Remember (dhikr) Him to the degree of your realization of your essential reality”[1]

Turn to the Truth and try to attain discernment. Surely you can only do this according to your capacity, so why deny those who have a greater capacity than yours? Everyone’s responsibility is in accordance to their capacity:

“Allah will never hold anyone responsible for that which they have no capacity.”[2]


Dear reader…

Those who inquired about the spirit were told:

“…Say 'The spirit is from the command of my Rabb (amr; the manifestation of the Names). And you have been given little of this knowledge (this answer is for the Jews who asked this question)'...”[3]


“So when I have proportioned him (formed his brain) and breathed into him (manifested through him; the word ‘breath’ which is ‘nafh’ in Arabic literally means to blow out, i.e. to project explicitly, to manifest, to materialize) of My spirit (My Names)…”[4]

In one of the hadith, the Rasul of Allah uses the word ‘Ruhullah’ (the Spirit of Allah).

As can be seen the verse above begins with the command ‘Say’, addressing the Rasul of Allah (saw), to mean “Narrate what I’m about to tell you to the Jews who are making this inquiry”… Surely, the Rasul of Allah (saw) knew what the spirit was, but those who made the inquiry were unaware of its Truth. Moreover, they were with the impression that the Truth of the spirit can never be known!

Due to this the Rasul (saw) refrained from answering their question and sought the knowledge of His Rabb instead… Which was evidently the most appropriate action to take.

If he had given the impression that he didn’t know, they would have mocked and ridiculed him. If he had explained its Truth to them, they would not have been able to understand it and denied this knowledge, which had not been previously given to them.

So the Rabb reflected according to their assumption and gave a short concise answer, “The spirit is from the command of my Rabb” and added, “You have been given little of this knowledge.”

In other words, due to your incapacity to comprehend the Truth regarding the spirit you have been given little knowledge of it, lest you seek denial.

[1] Quran 2:198

[2] Quran 2:286

[3] Quran 17:85

[4] Quran 38:72

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