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51 - Adh-Dhariyat

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. By the scattering and the dispersing (winds).

  2. And the bearers of burden.

  3. And those who flow with ease.

  4. And those who apportion the command!

  5. What you are promised is certainly true!

  6. Indeed, religion (the system) is an absolute reality!

  7. The heaven (consciousness) full of pathways (of various thoughts)!

  8. Indeed, you are in differing views!

  9. He who is turned away is turned away from it!

  10. May the deniers perish!

  11. Who are confused in ignorance and blindness!

  12. “When is the time of religion (recompense)?” they ask.

  13. They will thrash about in the fire at that time.

  14. (They will be told by the creatures of Hell), “Taste your suffering! This is what you were impatient for!”

  15. Indeed, those who protected themselves will be in Paradises and springs.

  16. As receivers of the blessings of their Rabb (from within). Indeed, before this they were doers of good.

  17. They would sleep in a small portion of the night.

  18. And ask for forgiveness before dawn.

  19. And there was a portion among their properties for the needy and the troubled.

  20. There are signs on the earth (the body) for those who are certain!

  21. Within your own selves (the essence of the self). Do you still not see (realize)?

  22. Both your provision and what you are promised is in heaven (experienced from one’s consciousness)!

  23. By the Rabb of the heaven and the earth, it (what you are informed of in regards to the future) is true – as natural and true as your ability to speak.

  24. Did you receive the news of Abraham’s honored guests?

  25. When they came to him they said, “Salam”... (And Abraham said), “Salam”... And thought, “Unusual people...”

  26. Then He turned to his family and brought a (roasted) calf.

  27. And offered it to them and said, “Will you not eat?”

  28. (When he saw that they did not eat) he felt apprehensive! “Fear not” they said and gave him the good news of a learned son.

  29. And his wife cried and returned to the guests, covering her face with her hands, and said, “But I am a barren old woman!”

  30. (Abraham’s guests, the angels) said, “Thus it will be! It is what your Rabb said... Indeed, He is the Hakim, the Aleem.”

  31. (Abraham) said, “O disclosed ones... What is your (real) business (purpose)?”

  32. They said, “Indeed, we have been disclosed for a guilty people!”

  33. “That we may send down stones of clay upon them.”

  34. “Marked (stones) in the sight of your Rabb for the transgressors (who waste the forces they are given to attain the reality)!”

  35. So, We took all the believers out from there.

  36. Not that we found any, except for a single household of those who have submitted (Muslims)!

  37. And we left a sign therein for those who fear that severe suffering.

  38. Like that in Moses... When We had disclosed him as a clear sign to Pharaoh.

  39. But he turned away with his rulers and said, “A magician or a madman!”

  40. So, We seized him and his army and cast them into the sea... And he beat himself up in regret!

  41. And in Aad... How We had disclosed that wind within which there was no good or blessing (cyclone)...

  42. It left nothing standing of whatever it came upon; disintegrated it into bits!

  43. And in Thamud... How they were told, “Enjoy yourself for a time.”

  44. But they went against the command of their Rabb! So, a thunderbolt seized them while they were looking on.

  45. And they were not able to survive, nor did they receive any help!

  46. And the people of Noah before them... Indeed, they were a people of corrupt faith!

  47. As for the heaven (the universe and the capacity of the brain), it is We who built it and We who expands it (via dimensional formations – beings – the expansion of the usable area within one’s brain through the increase of comprehension)!

  48. And We furnished the earth (energy lines – the nervous system of the body)... What excellent furnishers We are!

  49. And We created everything in pairs (positive – negative energy; the double stranded DNA)... That perhaps you will remember and contemplate.

  50. “Flee to Allah (from corporeality)! I am indeed a clear warner to you from Him!”

  51. “Do not assume a god besides Allah! Indeed, I am a clear warner to you from Him!”

  52. This is (the truth of the matter)! There came not to those before them a Rasul (calling them to Allah, their essential reality), except that they said, “A magician or a madman.”

  53. Did they (genetically) suggest this to one another? No, they are a people in transgression!

  54. Turn away from them! You are not to be blamed (for this).

  55. And remind! Indeed, reminding benefits the believers.

  56. I have created the jinn and men only so that they may serve Me (by means of manifesting the qualities of My Names).

  57. I do not ask for provision from them; nor do I want them to feed Me.

  58. Indeed, Allah is HU, the Razzaq, the Dhu’l Quwwati’l Mateen (Possessor of Enduring Strength).

  59. Indeed, the wrongdoers will have their share of that (suffering) that befell their friends (those who came before them)! Let them not rush.

  60. Woe to those who deny the reality, from the suffering they are promised (forewarned)!

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