Having said this, the spirit is the manifestation of your Rabb’s command. This being the case, sickness, defect, corruption, etc., are rendered invalid. The spirit cannot be in pain or pleasure! All of these emanate from the brain.

“The spirit is the command of Allah” just like Gabriel; a form of consciousness from the realm of divine command (amr). We all know that the angels neither eat nor drink, or feel tired, sleep, nor can they be labeled as good or bad, sick or healthy! Even the concept of gender is invalid in this realm. So, how can anyone say such things about the spirit, which is also from the command of the Rabb?

The Spirit is One, it is the source of life. It is the essential element comprising our being; the Grand Spirit! There is also the personal spirit, which is formed by the brain. Detailed information on the Grand Spirit and the personal spirit has been covered in Man Spirit Jinn and the Mystery of Man.

All allegations made in regards to this topic stem from the brain. The command of the Rabb is beyond all of this. Thus a spirit cannot be called or evoked. Only the Rabb can call a spirit, at which point the spirit will leave its body and return to its origin.

All claims made about the spirit are reflections of the natural disposition, which on the physical level, project from the brain.

Neither the Rasul (saw) nor the saints and scholars that came after him have ever made such allegations. A few who were made to say something about this topic in later generations narrated their own experiences, which has reached our times.

Our duty is to explain the truth with the permission of the Rabb. Doubtlessly, everyone can only talk according to their level of knowledge.

It is evident that beyond a learned one is one who is more learned.


So, dear reader…

I have tried to share some knowledge with you in this short book. Like I said in the beginning, each person will benefit according to his or her creational program, capacity and level of comprehension. Each person will benefit according to the guidance given by his or her Rabb.

It was willed, so it was written!

The Rabb is He who will preserve it and allow it to be understood.

I seek refuge in Allah from all my mistaken assumptions and admit my impotence to duly gratify Him.

Hamd belongs to Allah, the Rabb of the worlds!

Allah is great!




Cerrahpasha - Istanbul

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