My intention, behind using the word ‘micro-wave’ to define ‘SPIRIT’, was not because of the specific meaning of this word in particular, but merely to direct the focus of the reader to the ‘realm of waves’ in general. I wanted to indicate that, just like our bodies in this realm, the spirit, being a product of the brain, also has a form in accordance to its dimension of existence, a type of form specific to a dimension of radial origins.

The 25 years that followed gave us an exceptional experience in this field, informing us of the world of waves in detail. Consequently, the word ‘microwave’ began to be used in reference to a very specific frequency of electromagnetic waves, such as those used in today’s microwave ovens. As a result, the word I used 25 years ago, to denote something else altogether, became subject to an incorrect interpretation.

Ultimately, I presented a point of view. Those, who feel they are qualified, may complete my work and be more beneficial to humanity.

To elucidate the matter, the word ‘SPIRIT’ is generally used in the following contexts:

1) To refer to a concrete, perceptible substance that manifests according to the dimension of its existence. For example, ‘The Realm of the Spirits’, ‘The Divine Spirit’ (Ruh al-Quds), ‘Human Spirit’, ‘Vegetative Spirit’, ‘The Spirit of Earth’, ‘The Spirit of Hell’, ‘The Galactic Spirit’ and so on. All of these are relevant to the World of Acts (af’al) and denote individuality.

2) To refer to an abstract, subjective concept, such as when one claims ‘you didn’t get the spirit (the point) of it’ or ‘he has no spirit/soul’… Here the meaning implies ‘the essence or meaning of something’ rather than it’s concrete existence. If I were to say ‘he has no spirit’ or ‘he is spiritless’, what I’m really trying to say is that ‘he is devoid of spiritual values and consequently of feelings and emotions’.

The word Ruhullah is also used in this context and has 2 meanings:

a. The manifestation of the attribute of Life.

b. The existence of the meanings denoted by the name Allah.

The verse, ‘I have blown into man from MY SPIRIT’, means ‘I have created humans with the Names and Attributes of my Essence’, indicating no concrete or objective substance in any sense, but instead, referring to the Realm of Divine Power (Jabarut).

Hence, if we evaluate the word ‘Spirit’ according to one of the two definitions above, I believe we can attain a better understanding of the context in which it is used.

Based on the above, in this book and future books, I have decided to refer to the spirit of humans, and other beings, as their astral or radial body instead of their micro-wave body’. In the future, if I find a better term, I will of course be open to amend it, as what matters more than the word itself is the meaning it denotes.

May Allah protect us from imitation and from being titular believers and enable us to comprehend the ‘absolute’ realities in the sight of Allah with the foresight of ascertainment.


13. September. 1995

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