“You remained there only a short while, if only you knew!” (Quran 23:114)

Since this world is the ‘sowing-field for the hereafter’, we can only reap in the afterlife what we have sowed in this world, and the total net time we have to sow our seeds is only 5-6 seconds! If we eliminate the fragile and vulnerable periods of childhood and old age, we really only have a few seconds to sow our seeds and acquire our capital… a few precious seconds in contrast to the infinite hours of life awaiting us!

If this is the case, let’s take a moment to reflect... How much of our time are we squandering on futile things that will give us no return in our future lives, and just how much of it are we using wisely to invest in things that will benefit us in the hereafter?

Now in this light, let’s take a look at the sourceof our judgments, pertaining to our current perception of life, and try to understand this magnificent evaluator: the brain.

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