86. If you are not to be recompensed for your deeds,

87. And if you are truthful, then turn (death) away (if you think there is no sunnatullah)!

88. (Everyone shall taste death) but if he is of those who have attained divine closeness;

89. For him there will be a life with the Rahman qualities, the observation of the reflections of the Names and a Paradise of bliss.

90. If he is of the people of the right,

91. (It will be said), “Salam to you” by the people of the right.

92. But if he of is the deniers (of the reality) who are astray in faith,

93. Then scalding water will be spilled over him!

94. He will be subject to burning conditions!

95. Indeed, this is the very reality (that will be personally experienced)!

96. So, glorify (tasbih) your Rabb whose name is Azim!


The Rasul of Allah (saw) has said the following in regards to this chapter:

“One who reads the chapter Waqi’a every night will never be afflicted with poverty.”[1]

In the past, many had made it a habit to read the chapters Yaseen, Fath, Waqi’a, Mulk and Naba every night. There is so much benefit in this, it is not possible for me to explain it.

I can only hope you spare half an hour of your time every night to read these five chapters. Half an hour from twenty-four hours every day is not much considering you will be preparing for your eternal life and strengthening your spirit. May Allah ease this for all of us.

[1] Abu Ubaid, al-Bayhaqi Shu`ab al-Iman. 

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