The compassionate and pitying One who protects individuals who turn to Him from all kinds of behavior which may cause harm or trouble to them.



The One who governs His Sovereignty as He wishes without having to give account to any individual.

“Say, ‘Allah, the sovereign of all sovereignty... You give sovereignty to whom You will and You take sovereignty away from whom you will. You honor whom You will and You abase whom You will. In Your hand is all good. Certainly, you are Qadir over all things.’” (Quran 3:26)



The One who makes individuals experience their ‘nothingness’ by enabling them to comprehend the reality that they were created from ‘naught’ and then bestowing them ‘Eternity’ by allowing them to observe the manifestations of the Names comprising their essence.



The One who applies justice, as the requirement of His Uluhiyya, by endowing every individual their due, based on their unique creation purpose.



The One who observes the whole of existence as a multi-dimensional single frame in His Knowledge. The One who gathers creation according to the purpose and function of their creation.



The One who is beyond being labeled and limited by the manifestations of His Names, as He is Great (Akbar) and beyond all concepts. The One who is infinitely abundant with His Names.



The One who enriches individuals and raises them above others in wealth and emancipates them. The One who enriches with His own riches. The One who grants the beauty of infinity (baqa) which results from ‘fakr’ (nothingness).

“And did We not find you poor (faqr, in nothingness) and made you rich (with infinity – baqa, i.e.)? (Did we not make you a servant of the Ghani? Did we not enrich and emancipate you?)” (Quran 93:8)

“And indeed, it is HU who enriches and deprives.” (Quran 53:48)



The One who prevents those from attaining things they do not deserve!



The One who afflicts individuals with various distressing situations (sickness, suffering, trouble) in order to make them turn to Himself!



The One who prompts individuals to engage in good thoughts and actions to aid them towards beneficent and auspicious outcomes.



The Knowledge that is the source and essence of everything! The essence of everything is Nur; everything is comprised of knowledge. Life subsists with knowledge. Those with knowledge are the ever-living ones (Hayy), while those who lack knowledge are like living dead.



The guide to the truth. The One who allows individuals to live according to their reality. The articulator of the truth. The guide to reality.



The incomparable beauty and the originator of beautiful manifestation! The One who originates innumerable manifestations, all with unique and exclusive qualities, and without any example, pattern, specimen etc.



The Everlasting. The One who exists beyond the concept of time.



The One who manifests under various names and forms in order to inherit and protect the possessions of those who abandon all their belongings to undergo true transformation. When one form is exhausted, He continues His existence with another form.



The guider to the right path. The One who allows individuals, who recognize their essential reality, to experience the maturity of this recognition!



“And if Allah were to hold responsible the people for their wrongdoings and enforce the consequences upon them at once, He would not have left upon the earth any creature (DABBAH, i.e. earthling, in human ‘form’ – not human), but He defers them until a specified time. And when their time comes, they can neither fall behind it nor precede it by even an hour.” (Quran 16:61)

The One who waits for each individual to execute his creation program before rendering effective the consequences of their actions. Allowing the tyranny of the tyrant to take place, i.e. activating the Name as-Sabur, is so that both the oppressor and the oppressed can duly carry out their functions before facing the consequences in full effect. Greater calamity forces the creation of increased cruelty.

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