The One whose majestic glory is evident through His magnificent manifestations!



The One who constantly transforms new dimensions of existence. As a requisite of the mechanism denoted by the verse “Everything in the heavens and earth asks from Him; at every instance HU (the Absolute Essence of Existence) manifests Himself in yet another way! ”(Quran 55:29), al-Baith continually creates new experiences.

The expression of this name in respect to humanity is depicted in ‘amantu’(Comprises the six fundamentals of belief in Islam. It consists of belief in Allah, His angels, His books, His Rasuls, Doomsday [life after death] and destiny [qadar], that all good and evil are from Allah.) as ‘to believe in life (resurrection) after death’ (bath’u badal mawt) and the verse “That you will certainly change dimensions and transform into bodies befitting those dimensions!”.(Quran 84:19)

We said ba’th (resurrection) is to taste death and to commence a new state of life after death... However, resurrection is also possible here on earth in this plane of existence. Like the resurrections of wilayah (sainthood), nubuwwah (prophethood), and risalah (the personification of Allah’s knowledge)! As all of these stations comprise new states of life.

To give an example, we may say ba’th is like the germination of a seed to sprout its plant, or ‘give shoot to new life’. Similarly, life emerges from death (dormant inactive potential). In relation to the new state of existence, the previous state is considered as a ‘grave’ (qabir).

“That Hour (death) will definitely come – there is no doubt about it. And Allah will definitely resurrect the beings (individual forms of consciousness) in their graves (bodies) (to continue their lives through new bodies)!” (Quran 22:7)



The One who witnesses His existence through His own existence. The One who observes the disclosure of His Names and witnesses His manifestations! The enforcer of the reality that there is no other observer but Himself.



The absolute and unequivocal reality! The source and essence of every function in manifestation!



The One who provides the means for self-actualization. The One who advocates and protects those who place their trust in Him, providing them with the most auspicious outcomes. He who believes in the potential of the name al-Wakil in his own essence, will have confirmed his faith in all the Names (all his potentials). The source of the mystery of vicegerency lies in this Name!



The One who transforms His power into the enabling potential for the manifestation of existence (hence comprising the force of the whole of existence).

The One who forms the angelic state.



The One who sustains the world of acts, the steadfast, the creator of robustness and stability, the provider of strength and resistance!



The One who guides and enables an individual to discover their reality and to live their life in accordance to their essence. It is the source of risalah (personification of Allah’s knowledge) and nubuwwah (prophethood), which comprise the pinnacle states of sainthood (wilayah). It is the dispatcher of the perfected qualities comprising the highest point of sainthood, risalah, and the state one beneath that, nubuwwah. While the expression of nubuwwah is indefinitely functional, the expression of nubuwwah applies only to earthly life. A Nabi continues to live at the same state of perfection after death, but his explicit role as a Nabi is no longer active. On the other hand, due to its inherent saintly qualities, risalah continues infinitely (as it does with saints).



The One who observes and evaluates His universal perfection on worldly forms manifested by His Name al-Waliyy.

Hamd belongs only to Him.



The creator of the ‘forms’ (micro to macro) comprising the seeming multiplicities, each equipped with unique qualities and attributes, within UNITY.



The One who originates the whole of creation in the corporeal worlds, all with exclusive and unique qualities.



The One who restores life to those who turn back to their essence.



The One who enlivens and enlightens! The One who enables the continuation of the individual’s life through the application of knowledge and the observation of one’s essential reality.



The One who enables a ‘taste’ (experience) of death. The One who allows a transition between one state of existence to another.



The source of names! The One who gives life to the Names and manifests them. The source of universal energy, the essence of energy!

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