The One who renders Himself existent with His own attributes, without the need of anything. Everything in existence subsists with al-Qayyum.



The One whose qualities and attributes are unfailingly abundant. The manifest One. The One, from which nothing lessens, despite the abundance of His manifestations.



The magnificent and glorious One with unrestricted, infinite generosity and endowment (benevolence).



The One and only! ‘ONE’ness far beyond any concept of multiplicity. The ONE, that isn’t composed of (or can be broken into) parts (as in pantheism). The ‘ONE’ness that renders duality obsolete! The ‘ONE’ness that no mind or intellect can fully comprehend!



The Pure Whole One! Free from the concept of multiplicity! Not formed of adjoining parts. Far from conceptualization and limitation. The self-sufficient One, in need of nothing!

An authentic hadith narrates: “As-Samad is such that it bears no space or emptiness within it (all, whole, one).”



The One who creates (discloses, manifests) and observes His knowledge with His power without depending on causality. The One who is absolutely boundless!



The Determiner. The absolute possessor of all power pertaining to creation, governance, and disposition.



The One who expedites (or prioritizes) the manifestation of Names according to their purpose of creation.



The One who delays manifestation in consonance with His name al-Hakim.



The first and initial state of existence, the essential Name.



The infinitely subsequent One, to all creation.



The self-evident One, the explicit, unequivocal and perceivable manifestation.



The unperceivable reality within the perceivable manifestation! The source of the unknown (Awwal, Akhir, Zahir, Batin, HU!)



The One who governs according to His own verdict.



The limitless, boundless Supreme One, whose supremacy encompasses everything! The One whose reality can never be duly reflected by any engendered, conceptualized existence. The One who is beyond being limited by any mind or intellect.



The One who eases the actualization of individual temperaments and natural dispositions.



The One who guides individuals to their essence by enabling them to perceive and comprehend the reality. The One who allows individuals to repent, that is, to abandon their misdoings and to compensate for any harm that may have been caused. The activation of this Name triggers the name Rahim, and thus benevolence and beauty is experienced.



The One who makes individuals live the consequences of their actions that impede in the realization of their essence. To ‘avenge’ (zuntiqam) is to make one ‘pay the price’ i.e. face the consequence of their doings without exception or pity. Allah is beyond being bound by concepts such as revenge. When used in conjunction with ‘severe in retribution’ (Shadid al-Iqab) (Quran 59:4), al-Muntaqim denotes the force that most severely avenges individuals for failing to recognize their essence, by making them live out the consequences of their own obstructive actions in a most severe and intense way.



The One who forgives all offences except for ‘duality’ (shirq); the failure to recognize the reality of non-duality prevents the activation of the name al-Afuw. Note that to forgive an offence does not mean to compensate the losses of the past, for in the system of sunnatullah there is no compensation of the past!

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