AstaghfirulLah ya rabbu l-arshi l-`Adheem... AstaghfirulLah ya rabbu l-arshi l-Kareem... AstaghfirulLah ya Rabba-l-’alameen. Allahumma Salli Ala sayyidina Muhammadin biadede ilmika...

Yaa HU yaa man HU, la ilaha illa HU antal Hayyul Qayyum wa la sharika lah, Lahul-mulku wa lahul hamd, wa innaka ‘ala Kul-li shayin Qadeer.

Yaa hanaanu yaa manaanu yaa badee`a s-samawaati wa l-ardi yaa dhaa l-jalali wa l-ikram, ashadu an la ilaha illa allahul Ahadu s-Samadu alladhee lam ya lid wa lam yulad wa lam yakun lahu kufuwwan ahad

O Allah, I confess in Your presence that I am infinitely impotent, weak and that I have wronged myself, and I seek from Your Might and Grandeur, unparallelled sublimity, infinite forgiveness and generosity...

O Allah, I ask for the sake of Your Supreme Name, and Your beloved Muhammad (saw) and the great name of which You have not yet informed anyone...


You can continue this prayer asking to be among those who Allah has chosen for Himself, those who are most beloved to Him, those who are most valuable in His sight, to engage in activities that are on His path and in line with His Rasul with ease and whatever else you would like to request... and then I recommend you complete your prayer with the following supplication.


Allahumma salli wa sallim wa baarik `ala Sayyidina Muhammadin Wa ‘alaa aalihi wa sahbihee wa sallim Amin Amin Amin yaa rabbi l-`arshi l-`Adheem.

I know with certainty that You have heard my prayers and that You are Wahhab, the One who responds to prayers... I ask that You respond to my prayers for the sake of Your Absolute Essence (dhat) and the meaning denoted by the great name in Your presence... Amen, amen, amen


I’m sure the acquainted will know the value of this prayer that has been taught to me and evaluate it accordingly... If those who have imitatively entered the way of Allah continue this prayer with sincerity, I believe they will certainly get a response.

I share this knowledge with you based on the advice ‘share from what you have been given’, may the blessing of Allah be upon us all. 

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