They have realized, seen and are actively experiencing the reality that everything transpiring in the system deserves to be dealt with in respect of their manifest qualities, and there is no room for personal judgments and emotions in this infinite life.

It’s important to understand ‘personal judgments, values, concepts and emotions’ correctly. Though it is a frequently used expression, it is generally not discerned well and thus not applied. I do not wish to make any further explanations, but I can comfortably say the secret and key to experiencing the reality lies in this sentence.

He for whom the comprehension of the reality has been eased will focus on this and try to understand and apply it. What’s the point in forcing someone who isn’t destined to understand?

However, since we do not know what has been predetermined and destined for us, we should try to live our lives as though we have been fated for certain things, putting aside the conditioning that our comprehension is limited and stop making life hell to both ourselves and the people around us.

May Allah clear our path and ease our journey!




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