The one who likes always expects a return! The one who likes will say, “If you live the way I want you to live, I will lavish all my wealth and possessions on you!” Such a person is devoid of love; he does not know what true love is! His only occupation is the thing upon which he has been created. He will work like an ant, mate like a monkey, care for his offspring like a lion, but he will not be able to love as much as a moth, he will not be able to throw himself into the flame of love!

Love leads to burning! Liking leads to fleeing!

According to the majority of those who like, ‘love’ is a type of insanity. They will not understand it, they will not comprehend how one can go against all odds, regardless of what others say, just for the sake of the beloved. ‘Insanity’ they will call it...

Liking is like a hobby... Sometimes it lasts a lifetime, sometimes a few years and sometimes only a few months! But love is eternal! It has no end... Sometimes it settles and sometimes it overflows, but it never diminishes.

When you meet someone who manifests the qualities that you contain in your essence, but which you have not yet effectuated, you fall in love. The love in your essence determines the extent of your love towards them. Most times, we are drawn to love those who reflect our own potential... And sometimes that reflection occurs from one’s own essence... That is when they say, “He has fallen in love with Allah”...

Allah has chosen the lovers for Himself... Those who live love from their essence are the muqarriboon, who have attained the state of divine closeness.

He created all things as a display of His ingenuity...

He created the beloveds to love!

He created the lovers as His eyes to observe through their eyes!

The masses will not understand this love! They will not know this is love!

The true lovers are those who, like moths, throw themselves into the flames of love, and annihilate themselves in Him, and thus become everlasting (Baqi).

They are those who have come with a special code; they have come to fall in love! The world and its possessions will not mean a thing for them. They will never strive for worldly achievements. The call “Say Allah and leave the rest” is what they live by.

It is they who live love in the real sense, and through them, He experiences love, sympathy, mercy and compassion, for these are the qualities with which he created them!

But come, my friend, let us go back to our world, these fairytale-like words have soaked us, let us dry up... Let us go back to our world, strive, labor, struggle and work strenuously to please and flatter others! And then claim we are doing all of this for the sake of ‘god’, pardon me, for ‘Allah’ (!) and comfort our conscience...

If the heart has not been created for love, what is the point of all this talk...

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