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11 - Hud

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. Alif, Lam, Ra... The signs of the Knowledge (Book) have been distinctly established, and then manifested in detail from the ladun (the potential of the Names comprising one's essence) of the Hakim, the Habir.

  2. (This Knowledge was revealed so that you) become aware that your servitude is only to Allah. “Indeed I am a warner and a bringer of good tidings from HU.”

  3. “Seek forgiveness of your Rabb (for your mistakes and shortcomings)! Then repent to Him so that He may let you enjoy your life while it lasts, and give His bounty (what they deserve of knowledge and enlightenment) to every virtuous person... If you turn away, I fear for you the suffering of that mighty period.”

  4. “To Allah you will return, HU is Qadir over all things.”

  5. Know with certainty! To hide from Him, they cover what is within themselves (they hide their real thoughts with other thoughts and conceal it)! Know with certainty! When they hide themselves behind their clothes (when they conceal their inner world) He knows what they hide and what they make apparent! Indeed He is Aleem of what is inside you (‘your personal world created in your mind’) as its very essence (with His Names).

  6. There is no animate creature on earth whose life sustenance (provision) does not belong to Allah! He knows its state of rest (its end) and its temporary life... All of it is clear Knowledge!

  7. HU created the heavens and the earth in six stages (the six states of consciousness [heavens] and body [earth]) His Throne (the dimension of Names from which His sovereignty is manifest) is upon water (the essence of the universe; the knowledge – data in the ocean of waves; the data contained within waves of energy comprising the universe). (In terms of man, the qualities denoted by the Names are sovereign over man’s consciousness and body – 80% of man is comprised of water, which is programmed to store data via certain waves of energy.) It is to determine who among you is best in conduct... Indeed, if you say “You will certainly be resurrected after death” the deniers of the knowledge of the reality will say, “This is just clear magic (showing the inexistent as existent).”

  8. Indeed, if We postpone the suffering from them for a set time, they will certainly say, “What detains it?” Know with certainty! The day it comes to them, it will not be averted from them! They will be enveloped by the very thing they mock.

  9. Indeed, if We make man taste grace from Us and then remove it from him, he will definitely fall into despair and become ungrateful.

  10. But if We make him taste a blessing after a suffering, he will surely say, “I overcame the suffering (with my own intellect)”... Indeed, he is exultant and boastful!

  11. Those who are patient and engage in beneficial deeds are excepted. There is forgiveness and great reward for them.

  12. (My Rasul!) Is your breast constrained and will you leave out some of what is revealed to you because they say, “Should not a treasure have been sent down with him, or an angel come with him”? (i.e. they want a miracle perceived by their eyesight rather than that which is evaluated by reason.) You are only a warner! Allah is Wakil over all things.

  13. Or do they claim, “(Muhammad) invented it himself”... Say, “(If you claim this is a human invention) then bring a surah like it... Call upon whomever you can (for assistance from your deities/gods) who have nothing to do with the meaning denoted by the name Allah... (Go and do it) if you are true to your word.”

  14. If they do not respond to you, then know (this): It has only been revealed as the knowledge of Allah! There is no god, only HU! Will you now submit?

  15. Whoever wills the worldly life and its fancy values, We will give him the results of his deeds in full... Their pay in the world will never be reduced (he who lives for the world will receive his pay in the world and terminate).

  16. They are such people that in the eternal life to come there is nothing but fire for them... Their deeds will yield no return for them there. Their actions are all in vain.

  17. Are they (the aforementioned) like the one who lives upon a clear proof from his Rabb? From him, a witness (Quran) follows him, and before it was the Book of Moses as a leader and a grace (confirming the things within)... They believe in it as the Truth... Do not be of those who deny it and whose place (as a result of this denial) is the promised Fire (Naar)... So do not be in doubt of it... Indeed, it is the Truth from your Rabb! But the majority of the people do not believe.

  18. Who can do a greater wrong than the one who slanders against Allah? They will be presented to their Rabb! And the witnesses will say, “These are the ones who lied against their Rabb”... Be careful, the curse of Allah is upon the wrongdoers (wronging one’s self and falling far from one’s essential reality as a result of this).

  19. They prevent from the way of Allah and seek to skew (the right path)... They are the very ones who deny their eternal life to come!

  20. They were not rendering Allah powerless on earth (they cannot render the sunnatullah obsolete; everyone will certainly live the consequences of their deeds)... They have no guardian besides Allah either... Their suffering will be multiplied... For they could not perceive and evaluate with insight.

  21. They are the ones who have put their own selves into loss! And lost from them are the things they invent (the deities/gods they assumed existed).

  22. The truth is they will be the ones in the greatest loss in the eternal life to come.

  23. Indeed, those who believe and do the deeds required by their faith and who are obedient and in awe of their Rabb, they are the people of Paradise! They will abide therein eternally.

  24. The example of these two groups is like the difference between those who are blind and deaf and those who can see and perceive! Can they be equal? Do you still not remember?

  25. Indeed, We disclosed Noah to his people... He said, “I am indeed a clear warner to you.”

  26. “Do not worship any other than Allah... Indeed, I fear for you the suffering of a painful day.”

  27. The eminent among those who denied the knowledge of the reality from his people said, “We see you only as a man like ourselves... And we do not see you followed by any except the commoners (those without wealth or rank) who act based on simple views (unintelligent)... And we do not see you above us in any way either... On the contrary, we think you are lying.”

  28. Noah said, “O my people... Did you see? What if I have a clear proof from my Rabb and if He gave me grace (nubuwwah) but you fail to evaluate this? Should we force it upon you while you despise it?”

  29. O my people... I do not want anything in return for this... The return of what I do belongs only to Allah... I cannot drive the believers away (even though you look down on them)! They will indeed unite with their Rabb... But I see you people as behaving ignorantly.”

  30. “O my people... If I drive them away who will help me against Allah? Can you not think?”

  31. “I am not telling you the treasures of Allah are with me, or that I know the unknown... Nor am I claiming to be an angel... Nor am I telling you that Allah will never grant any good to those you belittle and despise... Allah knows best what is within them... (If I were to claim the contrary) I would surely be of the wrongdoers.”

  32. They said, “O Noah... You truly struggled with us... And you went too far! If you are truthful then bring upon us the thing with which you threaten us.”

  33. (Noah) said, “Only Allah will bring it to you, if He wills! You cannot render Allah powerless from doing what He wills.”

  34. “If Allah wills to misguide you, even if I want to give you advice, my advice will be of no avail. He is your Rabb, to Him you will be returned.”

  35. Or do they say, “He made it up”... Say, “If I have made it up, I will face the consequences of my mistake... But of your mistake, I am free!”

  36. It was revealed to Noah, “None among your people, other than those who have already believed, will believe. So do not be distressed by what they do!”

  37. Construct a ship according to Our revelation and as Our eyes (i.e. as the conduit of Our sight; this term is a reference to the Unity of Existence)... Do not address me concerning the (wellbeing of) wrongdoers... Indeed, they are to be drowned!

  38. He was constructing the ship... The eminent ones among his people ridiculed him as they passed by... (Noah) said, “If you ridicule us, then (a time will come when) we will ridicule you just as you ridicule us.”

  39. “You will know soon to whom the degrading suffering will come today, and upon whom the enduring suffering will descend (in the future).”

  40. So when Our command came and the water overflowed from the sources, We said, “Load upon the ship of a pair of each species, all the believers and your family, except those against whom the verdict has already been given.” But only a very few had believed along with him.

  41. He said, “Embark therein! Its course and its anchorage are by the One whose name is Allah! Indeed, my Rabb is surely the Ghafur, the Rahim.”

  42. (The ship) was sailing with them through waves as high as mountains... Noah called out to his son who was near a shore “My son! Come aboard with us (join my understanding of Religion)... Do not be with those who deny the knowledge of the reality!”

  43. (But his son) said, “I will take refuge on a mountain to protect me from the water”... (Noah) said, “There is no protector today from the decree of Allah, except for whom He gives His grace”... And with a wave that came between them he was among the drowned.

  44. And it was said, “O earth, swallow your water! O sky, withhold (your rain)”... The water subsided... The decree was fulfilled... (The ship) came to rest on Judiyy (a high mountain)... And it was said, “Away with the wrongdoing people.”

  45. Noah called to his Rabb and said, “My Rabb, indeed my son is of my family... Your declaration is true and You are the most just of judges (Your judgment manifests from everyone but as the judge within my own essence, manifest Your judgment according to my innermost essential reality).”

  46. He said, “O Noah! Indeed, he is not of your family! Indeed, (your persistence about your son against my decree) is an act not required by your faith! So do not ask of me things about which you have no knowledge! Indeed, I advise you not to be among the ignorant.”

  47. (Noah) said, “My Rabb! I seek refuge in You from asking for things about which I have no knowledge (into its true meaning)! If You do not forgive me and bestow Your grace upon me I will be among the losers.”

  48. “O Noah... Disembark, you and the nations that will be formed from those with you, in Salam and abundance from Us... We will grant them (the oncoming generations) benefit, then there shall touch them from Us (from the meanings of the Names in their essence; from their core) a painful suffering.

  49. These are from the news of the unknown! We reveal these to you... Before this, neither you nor your people knew about this... So be patient... Indeed, the future is for the protected ones.

  50. And to (the people of) Aad, their brother Hud had said, “O my people! Serve Allah... You cannot have a deity/god besides Him! You are only slandering (due to your dualistic approach).”

  51. “O my people! I do not ask for a reward for this... My reward is with the One who created me specifically (Fatir) to fulfill this function... Will you still not use your reason?”

  52. “O my people, ask for forgiveness of your Rabb... Then repent to Him so that He may disclose upon you the abundance of the sky and increase you in strength... Do not turn away as the guilty.”

  53. They said, “O Hud! You did not come to us as a miracle! We will not abandon our deities/gods just because you say so... We will not believe in you either!”

  54. “We can only say this: One of our gods has stricken you badly!” (Hud) said, “Indeed, I hold Allah as my witness! And you also bear witness that I am disassociated and free from those with whom you associate partnership.”

  55. “So, scheme against me with all those you equate (associate partnership) to Him and do not offer me any respite.”

  56. “I have placed my trust in Allah, my Rabb and your Rabb (believed the Name Wakil in my essence will fulfill its function)... There is no animate being that He does not hold (program with the Name Fatir) by its forehead (brain) (i.e. subjugate to His command)... Indeed my Rabb is upon the right course (as-sirat al-mustaqeem).

  57. “If you turn away, I have surely conveyed to you that with which I have been revealed (the knowledge of the reality)... My Rabb will bring others in your stead; you cannot harm Him... Indeed, my Rabb is Hafiz over all things.”

  58. When Our command actualized, We saved Hud and the believers with Him with Our grace... We saved them from a burdensome suffering.

  59. Such was (the incident of) Aad... They consciously denied the signs of their Rabb (within themselves)... They rebelled against His Rasuls... And they followed the command of every obstinate oppressor.

  60. They were cursed both in this world and the period of Doomsday (they fell far from their essential reality)! Know with certainty, Aad denied their Rabb! Know with certainty, distance is for Aad, the people of Hud.

  61. To the Thamud (We disclosed) their brother Salih... He said, “O my people... Become aware of your servitude to Allah! You cannot have a deity/god, only HU! He formed you from the earth and flourished it with you... So ask for forgiveness of Him and repent to Him... Indeed, my Rabb is the Qarib, the (in prayer and invocation">Mujib and provides their needs.) (the One who responds).”

  62. They said, “O Salih! Indeed, you were among us a man of promise before this! Do you forbid us to worship what our forefathers worshipped? Indeed, we are in an apprehensive doubt about that to which you invite us.”

  63. He said, “O my people, have a look... What if I have a clear proof from my Rabb and He gave me grace from Himself? (In this case) if I disobey Him, who will help me against Him? You cannot contribute anything to me but damage.”

  64. “O my people! This female camel (going about her way) is a sign for you from Allah... So, let her eat feed upon the earth of Allah... Do not touch her with harm... Lest you be seized by a suffering that is close.”

  65. But they hamstrung and killed her! He said, “You have three days of life left in your homes! This is a notice not to be denied.”

  66. When Our command became manifest We saved Salih and the believers with him with Our grace... And (we saved them) from the disgrace of that day... Indeed, your Rabb is the Qawwi, the Aziz.

  67. The inevitable blast (a mighty vibrant sound) overtook them and they fell dead in their homes!

  68. It was as though they had never lived there! So know with absolute certainty that (the people of) Thamud had denied their Rabb... (Again) know with absolute certainty that falling far (from their essential reality) is for Thamud.

  69. Indeed, Our Rasuls (from among Our angels) came to Abraham as good news and greeted him, “Salam”. He too said, “Salam” and brought a roasted calf thereafter.

  70. But when he saw that they (the Rasuls) did not touch it, he found it strange and became apprehensive (fearful they might be enemies)... They said, “Do not be scared! We have indeed been disclosed for the people of Lot.”

  71. His (Abraham’s) wife was standing nearby... She laughed... We gave her the good news of Isaac, and after Isaac, Jacob...

  72. (Abraham’s wife) said, “Alas for me! Will I bear a child while I am an old woman (who has reached menopause) and my husband is also old? Indeed, this is an astonishing occurrence!”

  73. They said, “Are you surprised by Allah’s command? The grace and abundance of Allah is upon you, o people of this house! Indeed, He is the Hamid, the Majeed.”

  74. When Abraham’s fear left him, and he received the good news, he came to his senses and he began to argue with Us regarding the people of Lot.

  75. Indeed, Abraham was a tender and sensitive-hearted person, someone who often turned to his Rabb (introspection).

  76. (The angels) said, “O Abraham! Stop arguing! The command of your Rabb is definite! An unstoppable suffering is indeed going to inflict them!”

  77. When Our Rasuls came to Lot, he felt bad (for them) and worried (that he may not be able to protect them) and said, “This is a difficult day.”

  78. The people (of Lot) came to him with desire... They were used to committing bad deeds... (Lot) said, “O my people... Here are my daughters... They are purer for you... Be wary of your Rabb and do not disgrace me before my guests... Is there not a single right-minded man among you?”

  79. They said, “You know we have no claim over your daughters! And you know well what exactly we are after.”

  80. (Lot) said, “If only I had enough power over you or a powerful support.”

  81. (The angels) said, “O Lot! Indeed, we are the Rasuls of your Rabb... They can never reach you! So, depart with your family in the night... Let not any among you stay behind, except your wife! For whatever strikes them is also going to strike her... Their appointed time is the morning. Is the morning not near?”

  82. So, when Our command came We turned the city upside down and rained upon them stones of layered clay (possibly lava from a volcanic eruption).

  83. (Stones that are) marked from your Rabb... They are not far from the wrongdoers.

  84. And to Madyan (We disclosed) their brother Shuayb... He said, “O my people... Become aware of your servitude to Allah! You cannot have a deity/god, only HU! Do not reduce the measurement and the scale... I see where the good is for you... And I fear for you a time of suffering that will engulf you.”

  85. “O my people... Fulfill the measurement and the scale justly and in full, do not defraud people and do not go to extremes causing corruption on the earth.”

  86. “If you are believers, what Allah makes lawful for you is better for you. I am not your keeper.”

  87. They said, “O Shuayb... Is it your introspection that tells you we should abandon what our forefathers worshipped and stop disposing of our belongings as we please! Indeed, you are the Halim and the Rashid.

  88. (Shuayb) said, “O my people... Do you not see? What if I am upon a clear proof from my Rabb and He has given me provision from Himself? I do not wish to be in opposition to you by that which I have forbidden you... I only want to reform you as much as I am able to... My success is only with Allah... I have placed my trust in Him (believed the Name Wakil in my essence will fulfill its function) and to Him I turn.”

  89. “O my people... Let not your opposition to me drag you to crime, (whereby) you be struck by a similar thing that struck the people of Noah, or Hud, or Salih... The people of Lot are not far from you.”

  90. “Ask for forgiveness of your Rabb, and repent (return) to Him... Indeed, my Rabb is the Rahim, the Wadud.”

  91. They said, “O Shuayb... We do not understand much of what you say! The truth is, we consider you weak among us... If it were not for your respected family we would definitely have killed you! You are not in a state to prevail over us.”

  92. (Shuayb) said, “O my people... Is my family more powerful and unchallengeable than Allah for you? But you put Him behind your backs as forgotten... Indeed, my Rabb is encompassing over what you do.”

  93. “O my people... Continue doing what you do according to your station. Indeed, I too am doing what I do. You will see soon to whom the degrading suffering will come and who the liar is... Observe, for I am also the Raqib with you.”

  94. When Our command became manifest, We saved Shuayb and the believers with Him with Our grace... while the mighty vibrant dreadful blast overtook the wrongdoers and they fell dead in their homes.

  95. It was as though they had never lived there... Know with certainty, a life far from their reality is for the people of Madyan, just like the (people of) Thamud.

  96. Indeed, We disclosed Moses as Our sign and with clear proof...

  97. To Pharaoh and his leading men... They followed the command of Pharaoh... But the command of Pharaoh was not reflective of maturity.

  98. (The Pharaoh) will stand in front of his people during Doomsday and lead them to the fire! And wretched is the place to which they are led.

  99. They were cursed here (in this world) and the period of Doomsday! Wretched is the share they receive!

  100. So, that is the news of those regions! We relate it to you... Of them, some are standing (and some) are like a mown harvest.

  101. And We wronged them not but they wronged themselves! When the command of your Rabb became manifest, the gods they worshipped besides Allah were of no avail to them! (Their conception of god) brought them nothing but destruction.

  102. Thus is the seizure of your Rabb of the cities of wrongdoers! Indeed, His seizure is painful and severe!

  103. Indeed, there is a sign in this for those who fear the suffering of the life to come... That is a time when all of mankind will be gathered together! That is a time when nothing will be left hidden!

  104. We only postpone it for a determined term.

  105. When that period begins, no one will be able to speak except by His permission! Of them, some are wretched (faithless; befitting eternal hell) and some happy (believer; befitting eternal Paradise).

  106. The wretched ones will be in the fire (Naar). They will breathe therein by moaning and sighing (from the suffering)!

  107. As long as the heavens and the earth (their consciousness and body) exists they will abide therein eternally; except what your Rabb wills... Indeed, what your Rabb (the configuration of the Names comprising your essence) wills, He actualizes!

  108. As for the happy ones, they are in Paradise... As long as the heavens and the earth (their consciousness and bodies) exist they will abide therein eternally, except what your Rabb wills... They will live with a continual blessing of bounties.

  109. Do not fall into doubt by looking at their (apparent act of) worshipping! They are merely worshipping like their forefathers (they are not in servitude to Allah)! Indeed, We will give them what they deserve in full and complete.

  110. Indeed, We gave Moses the knowledge of the reality, but they differed about it! Had it not been for a past word (already decreed) by your Rabb, the matter between them would have surely been settled... Indeed, they are in doubt about it (because of their delusion).

  111. Indeed, your Rabb compensates each person in full for their deeds... For He (as their essential reality with His Names and their former) is the Habir.

  112. So, live the reality as you have been commanded (being on the right course means the experience of the reality via the realization of one’s essential reality)! And those with you who have repented (for the things preventing them from experiencing their reality)... And do not transgress! For He is Basir of what you do (based on the secret of the letter B).

  113. Do not incline towards those who wrong (themselves) for (if you do) the fire will touch you... You cannot have a guardian (waliyy) besides Allah! (And if you do take others as guardian) you will see no help!

  114. Establish salat at the two ends of the day and at the approach of the night... Indeed, good deeds (experiencing the reality; a pleasant lifestyle) will remove the bad deeds (the act of covering the reality, and the consequences of offences resulting from an ego-based existence)... This is an advice for those with comprehension.

  115. Be patient... Indeed, Allah will not allow the rewards of those who do good to be lost.

  116. Should not those who remain from the generations before you stop corruption on earth? Except for a few of those who We saved among them (none of them did this)... The wrongdoers pursued the luxury with which they were spoilt... They became guilty!

  117. And your Rabb would not unjustly destroy the regions in which honest people reside!

  118. Had your Rabb willed, He could surely have made mankind a single community (of a single faith)! But beliefs based on differing opinions are to continue...

  119. Except for the person to whom your Rabb bestows His grace (who does not refute what the Rasul brings); for that He created them. The word of your Rabb: "I will surely fill Hell completely with the jinn and men" is fulfilled.

  120. The reason why We relate the news of every Rasul is to establish your understanding... With this surah you have been notified of the Truth, and a reminder and an advice (lesson) has been given to the believers.

  121. Tell the unbelievers, “Do whatever you can; for we will too.”

  122. “And wait (to see the result)! For we are also waiting!”

  123. The unperceivable pertaining to the heavens and the earth is for Allah... The command manifests from Him in full! So, become aware of your servitude to Him, feel the presence of meaning of the Name Wakil in your essence! Your Rabb is not curtained from the things you manifest!

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