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Do We Understand the Mechanics of Existence…

How will this cognition affect our outlook and perspective on others and ourselves? How will it affect our actions?

By others, I mean, whether a human, an animal or a plant, we must view everyone and everything as the meanings of the divine names, rather than their apparent ‘label’ or their seeming ‘persona’!

If everyone and everything is a manifestation of a specific composition of divine names it is only logical that we view them and their actions as the result of those names. When you witness an action remember that this action is the output of the meanings of those names. Or don’t analyze the action at all, just say, “this is how the meanings of these names manifest”. 

As for how we should see ourselves… 

We must know that the being referenced with the word “I” or “me” is nothing other than the meanings of the names of the One. Nevertheless, when these meanings come together in the form of a composition, they form this body, and hence all bodily habits, desires, cravings etc. 

If you can overcome these then the One comprising your essence may be revealed and observed! You must observe the One within, you must observe yourself as the One, such that duality is dissolved altogether, and only Oneness remains. 

Only when you realize that you are the One in essence, and that you are only in this body temporarily, you may actually begin to abandon your bodily habits and recognize your reality!

What you should do in order to experience your reality:

  1. Always speak and advise the truth.
  2. Always advise patience against the hardship of complying with the divine laws.
  3. Either talk positive and beneficial things or remain silent.
  4. Either listen as a student, teach as a teacher, or remain as a listener between the two.
  5. When you hear something that goes against the Truth either refuse it and correct it or leave that place!


Let us now explore these a little further:


ADVISE THE TRUTH: When you talk with someone, advise the truth from one level higher than their level of understanding and perception. One’s level is revealed by their actions, when you see this, advise them to abandon their ego and bodily tendencies and encourage them to comply with the divine laws in a way that they understand. If they chose not to take any heed then leave that place. 

ADVISE PATIENCE: When the application of the divine laws become too burdensome on one’s ego, remind them that this is expected, and that overcoming the composition is not easy as it forces one out of his comfort zone and habitual make-up, and that one must be patient in this process.  For without patience, one may not reap any benefit from his striving. Everyone prepares his end with his own hands. 

If he doesn’t listen there’s nothing you can do anyway!

SPEAK GOOD OR REMAIN SILENT: Explain the importance of the infinite journey ahead of us. Answer their questions if they have any. If you can bring them into a state in which they are open to receiving, explain the reality in a way that they understand. But if you see that they are not open to receiving than do not compliment him as this will only cause harm to him rather than helping him. 

TEACH, LEARN, OR LISTEN: Either talk to teach or listen to learn. Make sure your speech is positively contributing to the process of life after death, for example teaching a useful information, encouraging them to do something good or refrain from a harmful act, or abandon a habit, etc… If you hear them say something that goes against the Truth, stop them, correct them or leave that place.

Remember the warning,

“When you hear Satan talk, leave!”

Or speak the truth!

If you can, if you have the opportunity to, then speak the truth, but if you don’t have the opportunity to, then leave. 

If you can’t do either, ask yourself, why? What is stopping you from this? The answer is within you.

All of these are the recommendations and advices of the Rasul of Allah (saw).

If we are of those who speak the Truth, advice the Truth, and seek the Truth we will be of those who live in falsity and defend the falsity in which they are living. 

When the Truth comes, falsity dissolves and disappears!

Where there is truth falsity cannot remain!

What is falsity?

All acts that are spawned from and promote the compositional make-up which veils one from the Reality!

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