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Common Misperceptions

Here I want to touch on some of the most frequent misperceptions formed due to lack of knowledge of Allah and the divine laws in effect in the universe:


1- After recognizing and accepting the unity of existence, not feeling the need to comply with the divine orders; not fulfilling the recommended physical practices due to the realization that one is not his ‘body’.

2- Only engaging in the physical practices without thought and contemplation and regarding everyone who does not fit into a particular “shape” to be unbelievers who will be cast to hell. 

3- Creating a deity-god in one’s mind and calling this god “Allah” and then construing and judging the behavior of others based on this made-up god. 

4- Denying the Jinn and the Angels, who are discussed in length in the Quran, and as a result of being captive within the prison of the five-sense delusion, regarding them merely as ‘evil thoughts and/or bacteria.’

5- Disregarding the words of the Rasul (saw) such as “If knowledge is in China, go and acquire it!” and “Wisdom is the lost asset of the believer, seek it and take it wherever you find it!” and instead wasting their lives by only taking heed of a single source. 

6- Not doing thorough research on religion and confusing it with concepts such as necromancy, evoking the spirits of the dead, or alien encounters, and becoming deprived of the teachings of the Rasul of Allah (saw) regarding the life after death, hence creating their own eternal suffering. 

7- Waiting for the great arrival of “the Mahdi” on a white horse with a sword in his hand! 

8- Confusing religion with politics and trying to change governmental regimes based on religious teachings and hence missing the point of religion.

9- Thinking religion is only something needed in the life after death and indulging in the worldly life, unaware of the life awaiting him after death.

10- Assuming Allah to be on a throne far beyond somewhere and the Rasul (saw) as a soldier appointed by Allah to ensure the peace of the people living on Earth.

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